Lihat Ulasan Tetamu untuk Hotel di Wilayah Yamanashi

Bessho Sasa
4.6/580 Ulasan
We spent a night in this hotel. The check in was very smooth. One thing I didn’t like is I have to wait for their shuttle for very very long time. It was actually the bus shuttle that cause us to miss to see the full Fuji mountain before the cloud starts to cover the mountain. Plus it was the bus’ fault that cause us to miss a lot of intro greeting and their garden experience. People should get there in the morning and really experience that whole day of this hotel can give you since their bus shuttle runs slow and delay.
Grand Mercure Yatsugatake Resort & Spa
3.5/541 Ulasan
甲府盆地周辺のサクラとモモの花を愛でて温泉も堪能しようと思い、1泊2日の小旅行を計画しました。 宿泊を検討する際に温泉の大浴場と朝食内容を優先して検討し、コスパも良かったので予約しました。 昔、通いなれた中央道を利用し土地勘もある場所なので「わに塚の桜」に立ち寄ってからチェックインしました。 大型バスで到着されたインバウンドや修学旅行?社会見学?と思われるの団体客のかたもいましたが階層が異なったのか客室周辺は静かでした。 朝食時は団体の方々が早朝に出発されるため開場前に行列が出来ましたが会場も広めなのでゆっくり食事が出来ました。周辺の名物料理等もあり種類も豊富でした。    朝食後に『森の散策路』の案内を頼りにホテル周辺を歩きましたが、清々しい気分になりました。 2024年4月に”GRAND MERCURE”としてリブランドオープンされるので雰囲気も変わるのでしょうね。
Fuji Marriott Hotel Lake Yamanaka
4.4/561 Ulasan
Marriott staff welcomed us at the curb side. Check in was painless and soon we were off to our room. In room hot springs was a pleasant touch. The room was spacious and very comfortable. Even the Japanese pillows were soft and cozy. The food was top notch and catered to every taste. We opted for the dinner package—well worth the money. After dinner we rang for a late night massage…should have rethought that one. Asked for two therapist and got one. She had no clue what a massage was! Seriously!!! She literally poked at me with her finger tips. The pushed my head agains the pillow for ten minutes. Finally was had enough and she was dismissed with her full pay. Noted, she was not affiliated with the hotel, she was merely the lady they called. Please never call her again! Loved the hotel and the view. A must for anyone wanting a quiet getaway.
4.6/5129 Ulasan
Konansou was one of our highlights on our recent trip to Japan. My husband and I, along w our couple friends, stayed for two nights. The staff was so warm and friendly, especially Shirai at the front desk. She was incredibly patient and helpful as we figured out our bus/train tickets. They have a shuttle service to and from Kawaguchiko station, which made getting around in the rain and with bags really easy. (Tip: there is a pay phone at the station if you need to call them when you get in— there are instructions and the numbers of local hotels posted) The food was amazing! Ikeda was our server for our in room dinners, and he was kind and knowledgeable in all the different dishes and how to eat them. I was blown away by the attention to detail and variety of food. It was beautiful. It was our anniversary and we received a special gift— thank you!! Breakfast was a buffet and had a huge selection! It can get busy but there is a lot of seating. Our room was huge and had a beautiful view of the lake and its own private onsen. We enjoyed the quiet and location, which was easy to walk to. The public onsen had so many amenities and was spacious too— not sure if I was lucky, but I was the only one there! We also got to do karaoke, play table tennis, and did our laundry. There was also a rooftop foot spa, where got views of Mt Fuji! Everything you need is here!
Fuji Onsenji Yumedono
4.4/568 Ulasan
This was our best-ever ryokan experience, after 8 years in Japan! We stayed in the Shikibu Suite, the 2nd-largest of 11 rooms, for 2 nights. Our 200sqm suite had an enclosed garden, a private deck with onsen pool, and a separate bedroom, living, and dining/tatami room, all for our family of 4. Although the Presidential Suite looks wonderful in photos, I feel the Shikibu Suite was the more authentic Japanese experience--it had the Old World charm of a Japanese house, all in luxurious, hand-carved wood. The ryokan outdid itself with meals--Kaiseki for dinner, and a choice of West or Japanese breakfast. Kudos to the Chef and our hostess, Akiko san. The service was superb--Sato san met our car upon arrival in the rain, giving everyone an umbrella, even the kids. Our shoes and luggage wiped in the foyer, we entered our beautiful suite, followed closely behind by the lady Sato san, with out afternoon tea. Sato san deserves unreserved praise--he produced in only 2 hours, a beautiful cake at my wife's secret request for our anniversary dinner, plus an unexpected flower bouquet, which was a real surprise for her. Thank you to all the staff at Osenji Yumedono Ryokan--we would love to come back again someday.
7C Villa and Winery
0/50 Ulasan
0/50 Ulasan
FJ Forest
0/50 Ulasan

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Maklumat Perjalanan Setempat

Bilangan Hotel15
Bilangan Ulasan512
Harga TertinggiRM 18,724
Harga TerendahRM 311
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 3,371
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 3,073