Lihat Ulasan Tetamu untuk Hotel di Tangier-Tetouan

Hilton Tangier City Center
4.1/587 Ulasan
My husband and I stayed 5 nights in late April 2023. We arrived from Casablanca, by high speed train. The train station, clean and modern, is right across the street from the Hilton Tanger. Upon arrival we were upgraded from a king exec room a to junior suite. Loved the room. It was spacious, big bathroom with separate tub and shower, 2 sinks and bidet. Lots of closet space. Housekeeping brought us extra pillows that we requested. We were on the 8th floor facing the sea so we had a view of the coast. We could see Spain in the distance and the ferry coming and going to the Tangier port. Before going for breakfast we made coffee in the room with the capsules provided. The breakfast buffet is great, lots of variety, eggs on order, hot and cold dishes, Moroccan and Western. The restaurant is on the 15th floor with fantastic views over the beach and the sea. There is a mall attached to the hotel. I bought a nice Tshirt in a ladies shop and we bought some snacks at the supermarket. We walked down to the beach and along the boardwalk area that stretches for a long distance toward the port and further east. It is so clean. Workers regularly clean beaches and streets. You rarely see plastic bottles or wrappers strewn about. We took a taxi to the Medina 2 days in a row and wandered around. One day into the museum. It was okay.
Royal Tulip City Center Tanger
4.4/5103 Ulasan
Lokasi yang sangat baik, kakitangan yang baik dan menyenangkan
Hilton Tangier Al Houara Resort & Spa
4/581 Ulasan
The hotel itself is amazing, with many green spaces that are well maintained. The check-in service was quick and smooth, and we got the exact room we had booked. However, there were several issues during our stay. Let's start with the list below: Breakfast: It was a horrible experience. There were so many people, flies (YES flies) and the quality of the food was really bad. You wouldn't even find such low quality in a 2-star hotel. When we were there, it was impossible to enjoy anything due to the presence of flies. There were around 20 flies per table, Im not kidding. The managers seemed useless and did not take any action to solve the issue. The croissants and pain aux chocolats seemed frozen and of poor quality. The same goes for the eggs and bread. As for fruits, the only options available were melon, watermelon, and oranges. There was not a single sign of any berries or mangoes. During the last four days of our stay, we couldn't even find a table as it was extremely crowded, with people queuing for food like in a cafeteria. We had to share the table with other guests. It's a shame for a 5-star hotel. The high chairs for babies were also extremely dirty and should not have been given to guests. Dinner: We had dinner once, and we deeply regretted it. They charged 370 DHs per person, and the food was a disappointment. The homemade burgers we ordered for my wife arrived burned, to the point of being badly charcoaled. The fish tajine was full of bones, and the salad bar was unappealing. Towards the end of our meal, we informed the manager about our experience. He said he would inform the kitchen and they would try to redo the burger, but we were already leaving as it was bedtime for the babies. When the bill arrived (we hadn't left any deposit), I attempted to pay using contactless payment (Apple Pay), but to my surprise, it was not supported throughout the hotel. Since I didn't have my card with me, I told them I would come later to settle the payment for my wife's meal (370 DHs). The manager that night agreed. However, around 1 hour later (at 10 pm), they called us in our room and asked us to settle the bill, disturbing the babies' sleep. It was a nightmare in terms of management. They could have waited until the next day or checked out to collect the payment in a more convenient manner. I don't recommend having any meals at this hotel. On our last day, we went to another 5-star hotel in Tangier for breakfast, and the difference was like night and day. Pool: The pool size was amazing, and the whole area was child-friendly. However, there was a lack of responsible and serious management again. We arrived around 9:30 am with the babies to enjoy our last morning. To our surprise, nobody was there. The pool had no towels, the sunbeds were covered, and the umbrellas were closed. We asked a restaurant waiter to call someone, and we finally received the towels around 9:45 am. However, they were simply dropped off without any further assistance. I a
Barceló Tanger
4.5/5100 Ulasan
We spent 4 nights at this hotel I liked the location 10 minutes walking to the medina The view facing the medeteranian sea . I liked the verity of food at the breakfast Nice stuff specially the lady who was taking care of the room. Thank you everyone I highly recommended this hotel
Grand Hotel Villa de France
4.1/5119 Ulasan
Don’t stay here! These people are thieves from start to finish. In October 2022 I booked one room for two nights for January 2023, then a few days prior to arriving, booked an additional room for the two nights. The front desk claimed I never booked the rooms in October. I showed them the confirmation email, which they asked that I forward to them. They checked us in and told us they would sort it out and get back to me. They had me make a partial payment for the stay at check in. The next day they asked me when I was paying for the 2nd night. I told them I would pay anytime and asked if they had sorted out the reservation. They said yes and told me I owed 1,000 euro. Mind you the rooms are less than $100.00 usd per night, so this seems strange that the total could e anything greater than $400.00, but having already made a partial payment, this number was absurd. When I questioned it, they backtracked and told me I owed about 1,600 Durham per night (which was the reservation rate total for two nights for the room booked a few days before arriving). They then told me that same rate applied to the first booking, even though I have an email stating the room was 964 diram per night. They said that email was not from the hotel. I pointed out that it was their company’s email domain. They said Le Royal was a big company and they don’t know who sent that email - really???? At one point they brought someone they said was from central reservations. He just kept pointing to a piece of paper and refusing to listen or discuss the issue. I opened my laptop and showed them they are marketing the rate for 890dirham that night (about 100 dirham less than what my confirmation listed) and asked why I would pay twice that…it was at this point the stupid little man from ‘central reservations’ ran out the front door, leaving me again to deal with the front desk. The staff were rude, indignant and unprofessional, but clearly skilled thrives - Le Royal should be proud of the team they have assemble at this outdated antique. Nothing nice or impressive about this hotel, but with the added thievery, definitely a place to avoid. Unless you really want to seek crooks in action, sleeping in the streets of Tangier would be a better experience than this place. Save your money, self respect, and time by staying elsewhere. Worst hotel experience in Morocco, ever (and I have stayed in a lot of Moroccan hotels)!
Mövenpick Hotel and Casino Malabata Tanger
3.4/577 Ulasan
Très bon emplacement. Bon acceuil. Belle piscine. Malheureusement, la chambre qui m’a été donné ne se trouve pas aux étagés récemment rénovés (a partir du cinquième étage). Moi j’étais au troisième étage. J’ai demandé à changer la chambre mais c’était sans résultat.
Grand Mogador Sea View & Spa
3.6/573 Ulasan
I hope you didn't miss this message. I tried many times but still couldn't use Whatsapp. If I can reach you in any other way, please let me know. BTW. An especial thanks is given to Mr Simo by an old lady from the East for who giving her the softest pillow. At lost. Not exaggerated. The staff who working in the Dinning make the hotel a more luxury level. They showed their enthusiasm, patience and professionalism. 竟然还需要补充中文,好吧…酒店本身设施想对比较陈旧,与国内5星级酒店存在一定差距。但瑕不掩瑜,在这享用了最棒的早餐。
Radisson Blu Resort, Al Hoceima
4/559 Ulasan
Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier
4.3/520 Ulasan
The St. Regis la Bahia Blanca Resort, Tamuda Bay
4.3/50 Ulasan

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Maklumat Perjalanan Setempat

Bilangan Hotel34
Bilangan Ulasan1,092
Harga TertinggiRM 40,030
Harga TerendahRM 252
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 1,842
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 1,797