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4.5/557 Ulasan
Very pleasant hotel! Convenient location (very close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station), value for money (at least compared to other hotels in Amsterdam), quiet, comfortable bed, clean room. In regard to air conditioning (which seems to be the main negative point mentioned in other reviews): when booking this room it was clearly mentioned that there is no air conditioning (I guess to avoid any discussions) but in fact there was in my room and it worked fine (perhaps just a little slow in adjusting the temperature after you turn it up or down). Would definitely consider staying here again!
Ibis Styles Amsterdam Central Station
3.6/5113 Ulasan
Ini adalah penginapan kedua saya di hotel ini dalam masa 1 minggu. Sangat gembira dengan perkhidmatan, keramahan, kebersihan dan suasana umum hotel ini. Larissa di kaunter penerimaan tetamu adalah sambutan yang paling mesra dan mewajibkan yang pernah saya temui. Vincent the maintenence man sangat membantu dengan petua tentang bandar Amsterdam dan sudah tentu jika ada yang perlu dilakukan. Pengurus membantu dan sentiasa bersedia untuk menjawab banyak soalan dan memberi nasihat yang betul. Kesimpulannya saya sangat mengesyorkan hotel ini untuk penginapan pendek atau panjang. Harga yang sangat berpatutan dengan perkhidmatan yang sangat baik.
XO Hotels Blue Square
4/5113 Ulasan
Me and my friend booked this hotel as there were good reviews, which is very important to us as we came from Norway to stay there for 6 days. It was also our first time in Amsterdam and were not familiar with the location. We were first checked into a wrong room than the one we had booked, and were told that we could move the next morning to another one. After we were moved to a bigger room, they told us we had to pay 50 euros due to the ”cleaning from the other room”, which we expect to be included in the price we already paid for our stay. Never experienced this before. Some staff don't smile, don't say hello, and looked strange at us when we walked through the reception. The next days our new room was not cleaned at all, one day they only came to make the bed, the next day they only came with new towels on the door. One day the cleaning lady also rushed in without knocking while we were in bed, which we thought was very unprofessional. We did not feel comfortable or safe at all staying here. We will not be going back here. Location is also pretty far from the centrum
Hotel Fine Harmony
3.9/593 Ulasan
Hotel Fogo Amsterdam
3.7/559 Ulasan
Opgemerkt wordt dat de airconditioning niet werkt, wat leidt tot een benauwde kamer met een storend krakend geluid. De wasbak is verstopt, de doucheslang is van slechte kwaliteit en het water is te zwak voor een normale douche. Daarnaast worden de overmatige regels, zoals het vereisen van handtekeningen van elke bezoeker en de hoge parkeerkosten van 15 euro, als slechte klantenservice ervaren. Het lawaai in de gang en het ontbreken van een koelkast in de kamer worden ook genoemd als minpunten. Over het algemeen wordt geconcludeerd dat de ervaring niet de 260 euro waard is en dat de auteur niet van plan is om terug te keren naar het hotel.
The Arcade Hotel Amsterdam
4/540 Ulasan
Amsterdam Oud Zuid
Review Staff: Friendly, Helpful and Kind, staff were bilingual from what I could understand English and Dutch Location: Easy to get to via bus by the 397 from the Schiphol Airport to the Van Gogh Museum and walk 10-15 minutes or take the Tram 3 the rest of the way. Amenities: They offer multiple consoles to select from to put in your room if you're into that and have a mini cafe/bar in the lounge. Cleanliness: Bedding and towels were clean on arrival but there was a weird smudged substance on the wall that was not cleaned for some reason. Would I recommend: If you are into gaming it's a great location to stay and the price is not bad. There's a nice variety of consoles and games to select but with other peoples reviews and my experience I would not be able to verify how clean your room may be upon arrival.

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Harga TertinggiRM 5,088
Harga TerendahRM 271
Bilangan Ulasan11,960
Bilangan Hotel929
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 1,265
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 1,477