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Trident Agra
4.6/570 Ulasan
Trident Agra proved to be a hidden gem. Their service staff was very warm helpful and friendly. Though it was just one night the stay was comfortable and we enjoyed the drinks at the bar and the in room dining option. The presence of a potter, a palm reader and bangle seller added to the charm.
Taj Hotel & Convention Centre, Agra
4.3/592 Ulasan
The hotel location is perfect for tourists who want to visit the nearby wordwide wonder monument Taj Mahal. The room are enough comfortable and clean, there are no superlative notes to remember but the acceptable standard for a short stay.
Hotel Alleviate
3.4/5104 Ulasan
Great place - it has a very polished, upmarket feel. Shower was sensational and my bed was comfortable although I did have to flip over the mattress (always a good hack in old hotels). Staff were friendly and breakfast was simple but nice. Location is on a main road a bit away from the Taj area but still fine for Ubers etc. Less impressed with the rooftop restaurant. They were playing blaring loud dance music even though there were only a couple of tables in. And it’s very overpriced - 280 rupees for a bowl of rice.
Taj Villa
3.3/586 Ulasan
Very bad experience. I should have booked through Mmt or other platform. I checked online and called hotel. Some Mr. Verma assured me 2 extra mattress @ 3800 inc bf. As I didnt want kids to sleep in separate room, so i fell for his words and confirmed booking.. Hotel was easy to find right at the back of Grand Mercure. Checkin was ok.. Room was shockingly smaller that i vould have imagined. I was told i am given a vlassic room! What a pity.. Vlassic room means front view with an abandoned green area in sight and an obnoxious UP electricity board Transformer. ( i guess this is certainly better than No view toom ) Room was cramped... No space for extra bed.. After removing coffee table, one ply bed with 4 inch foam matreas was adjusted. Bathroom has some perpetual stinking problem. Worst part.. When I asked for 1 small bottle of water (kinley 500 ml) they said its chargable!! Just imagine the hospitality! A room that is not worth 2000. I paid 3800 andI can not get one 500 ml bottle water!??? Salute to the dacoity! Worst part.. Breakfast.. Lousy staff. Diluted ***go juice was put in the jar, Baasi Tea ( stale readymade tea ) which probably was made 1-2 hours back was re- heated again n again to beserved on buffet. Plz see images If you get classic for 1700-1900.maybe its ok.. Otherwise stay away... There are tons of great option neat Tajmahal.
Radisson Hotel Agra
4.1/583 Ulasan
โรงแรมไม่ไกลทัชมาฮาล​ ประมาณ2กิโลเมตร​ ย่านนั้นสามารถเดินเที่ยวได้​ อาหารเช้าเป็น​ มังสวิรัติ​ พอทานได้​ไม่ถือว่าอร่อยมาก ห้องกว้าง​ เตียงนุ่ม​ น้ำแรง​ บนดาดฟ้ามีจุดชมวิวทัชมาฮาล​ มีบาร์เล็กๆสามารถสั่งเครื่องดื่มได้เสียอย่างเดียวห้องไม่ค่อยเก็บเสียงชั้นบนเหมือนมีเด็กๆกระโดดเล่น​ รบกวนเวลานอน​ คนเดินไปมาหรือพูดคุยมีเสียงเล็ดลอดเข้ามา​ โรงแรมมีความรักษาความปลอดภัยอย่างหน่าแน่น​มีแสกน​กระเป๋าถือทุกครั้งที่เข้าโรงแรม​ ใกล้ที่พักมีร้านอาหารเยอะสะดวก​ โดยรวมถือว่าโอเค​ ราคาไม่แรงจนเกินไป
Howard Plaza the Fern, Agra
4.3/553 Ulasan
A localização é perfeita, a estrutura do hotel é muito boa, possui 03 restaurantes, 01 bar no terraço, 01 quiosque de refrescos, lojas, agência de turismo, é realmente incrível. O atendimento em sua maior parte é excelente e muito cordial, apenas na recepção do hotel deixa a desejar. E, sobre a limpeza da piscina além de pintura/reformas básicas em nas áreas comuns, que escondem a grande beleza que está por dentro do hotel.

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Bilangan Hotel76
Bilangan Ulasan2,366
Harga TertinggiRM 3,142
Harga TerendahRM 37
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 425
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 438