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The Kentish Hotel
3/544 Ulasan
As a local this is a dissapointing review to write. We continue to give this place a chance but we have hit the final straw after years of it slowly going down hill. Trying to celebrate the husbands 50th bday we went there on a Monday night so it was incredibly quiet. Lemon in the gin and tonic was rotten so needed it to be remade. Manager did his best and we cant fault him. An hour after ordering he came and told us there were issues in the kitchen and the head chef had been called in to help as the new chef is clearly not a chef. Kids pasta was well over cheesed and barely edible. The Thai Chilli mussels the husband and I got as an entree was served with the over cheese sauced from the kids pasta and no thai chilli sauce at all. Husband's steak was barely edible and it was all very underwhelming. We won't be going back to eat until something dramatically changes.
Gamma Hotel
3.7/5114 Ulasan
You get what you pay for and this hotel was the best deal in town when I visited, short of staying in a hostel. Great location close to the train and the Arena. The hot water in the shower was powerful and plentiful, and so was the wifi, the two top things I look for in a room. However there are no frills. There is no shelf in the shower, meaning you have to lay your soap, shampoo, razor and anything else you take in there on the floor. There is no plug for the bathroom sink. There is one small metal writing desk and that is the only surface to lay things on, no drawers or dressers or bedside tables. The walls are thin and a couple of nights my noisy neighbors woke me up. Bring earplugs. I found the staff efficient and mildly friendly if you put in the effort to make them feel good. Having said that, I'd absolutely stay again. The price, the shower, the location and the wifi make this an excellent low cost option for staying in the city
Mount Eden Motel
3.9/54 Ulasan
I was here from May 23rd until May 31st. My partner recommended this motel and I’m glad she did. I loved it, nice spacious room with everything I needed for my stay. The motel is in an amazing location and I stayed in room 10 which is very private I would recommend this motel for anyone wanting to stay in central Auckland
Kiwi International Hotel
4/5190 Ulasan
Overall, it was pretty good and very cost effective. Helpful staff. • Luggage storage room available. Laundry service avail on site (4 bucks for washing machine, 4 bucks for dryer & 2 bucks for washing powder), Ironing service was free of charge. • Toothbrush & Toothpaste were available upon purchase @ the reception. Hot water, box fan, kettle, small fridge, tea, coffee, sugar, clean towel, soap, shampoo were all avail. The first two nights I stayed, I had to use a shared bathroom, however, it was very clean. After that I extended my stay where I was moved to another room which included a bathroom. Also, perfect location as it is situated on the busiest street in the city centre where you'll find a lot of restaurants & shops nearby even supermarkets. * The down part was that it gets very noisy at night, you could hear the traffic & people on the street screaming. Plus, the mattress wasn't in its best shape.
Fort Street Accommodation
3.3/574 Ulasan
PLEASE READ - WORST ACCOMMODATION EVER! I WISH I could give this place no stars. Their customer service is appauling! I am shocked with how we were treated and would rather stay anywhere else. My partner and I had booked to stay here for two nights. On the last day we checked out at 10am and asked if we could leave our bags behind the counter to come and collect later. The issue is, you cannot enter the building unless you have a key card, and as we were checked out we didn’t have one. But as this is standard there is always someone there to let you in. We returned when we were ready to leave and no one was there. We rung and rung the doorbell for 30 minutes… We tried to call their phone but… wait for it… they have NO working number. We proceeded to wait longer another half an hour and MISSED OUR FLIGHT. All our luggage, belongings and keys were in there. Once someone came down they said they were upstairs. We had to pay $200 to rebook our missed flights for the next day and asked if we could have a free night. The lady offered to pay but we said no. She gave us the key card and let us have a free night. We were approached later by another man who asked us to pay. we explained what happened and said we either stay here for free or will find somewhere else. We were HAPPY to go anywhere else if they didn’t want a free night. We were not staying there or forcing ourselves there. The man said he will see what he can do. The next day we checked out. The first girl (who’s fault it was to begin with) was there and said nothing. They later proceeded to CHARGE MY CARD!! we approached the manager and turns out the girl LIED!! and said we were just going to pay and that it wasn’t her fault. And the manager basically said we have to pay. she said she can check the security footage to see if our story is right, that we waited, and waited, and rung (We were on the phone with 105 as we were so desperate) and then confirm also the man talking to us. we gave her ALL the times. Yet we have heard nothing. it has been ages since our stay, no contact, no refund. AWFUL Not to mention unfriendly staff, awful quality rooms, awful place in general. Please spend your money somewhere else x
Ascot Epsom Motel
3.1/518 Ulasan
The owner and parent company Hotel KDM is akin to a heartless, greesy snake. I booked at Ascot Epsom Motel and the company has no moral compass. What kind of a company doesn't have any empathy for loss mother and decline cancellation? Hotel KDM. I asked day before and no answer. Only after I left a voice message the next day that I can't make it, did I get a delayed response, no refund. Only to presumably rent the room out to someone else knowing I am now on the other side of the world. About as low as you can go.

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