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Coralview Beach Resort
3.7/530 Ulasan
Rooms are really big. Separate toilet and shower rooms. complete with bath towels, thick blankets and hygiene kit. Beach is not white sand . Parking is also huge and spacious. Some have roof/covering. Whole court basketball and bus parking also available. there are several pools as well. Hot food is available inside and price is competitive. Recommended for families and friends. Good value for the money
Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas and Resort
4.6/513 Ulasan
Resort was still on development. Trevi type fountain still to open by 3rd quarter. Mini villas with own plunge pool still to be opened by the 4th quarter. For an expensive suite , the bathroom was quite small , doesn’t even have a bathtub. But the internet Tv , cool AC and terrace was a nice touch. Breakfast buffet quite simple for that “luxury “ tag. But the service was just fascinating. Their butlers do extreme service , such as Michael who went out of his way to look for available accommodation for my driver. And Vince who not only did a property tour for us but also showed his splendid photography skills by doing great photos. Being welcomed by GM Frencine and FD officer Faye was also factors making it a memorable experience. Will come back in the near future to try their ultra expensive villas which has a private pool , koi fish pond and of course Alexa the voice control machinery.
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
4.4/540 Ulasan
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a picture perfect place until you have to live in it. Our family (6 adults + 2 children) stayed here overnight. The only means to reach your hotel room is through a jeepney / coaster ride. We were checked in before 3pm, but was only able to enter our room at 4pm. The closest food vendor was already closed even though its advertised operating hours is up to 6pm. We had to wait for 2 more hours before another restaurant opened. The beach is about a minute walk from your hotel room which was fantastic. However, all restaurants, vendors are a 10 minute walk from the hotel room. Imagine a 10 minute walk under a scorching summer sun. You could take a jeep to the town square, that is if you're lucky enough to catch one. The facility is broken down into multiple areas. This is both a feature & a limitation. If you like long walks and beautiful views, this is perfect. If you're travelling with a disabled person or with small children, this is a challenge. There was an easter egg hunt the following morning, and plenty of walking and jeepney tours to be had. The place is even more beautiful at night, with all the lights and festivities. Come the end of our stay, we checked out around 12nn. However we were picked up by a jeep roughly around 1pm. The checkout process was relatively easy, but again , it was our trip back to the front of the resort / parking area that took a while. Overall it was a pleasant vacation. The resort crew were very nice and helpful. I would recommend others visit the place and enjoy a day trip instead.
La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort
4.2/546 Ulasan
Arrived in Manila a few days early for a professional event and was treated to an escape at La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort. This hidden gem is a must for those who want to experience a secluded, private, charming oasis within a short drive from Manila. Amazing service, outstanding food & beverage selection, and the massages are a must. Special thanks to Ms. Crystal, Pam, Jaizean, Jenny, yani, Louisa and Resort Manager: Bollie Bolton.
Playa la Caleta
3.3/53 Ulasan
Beautiful remote beach, perfect for relaxing. Nice staff, water activities and dog friendly.
Bataan White Corals Beach Resort
3.2/518 Ulasan
Good day ,we decided to book since yesterday and was the worst experience to book in my life Keep being told (via countless phone calls)to go with them via FB messenger and website: Messenger nobody reply and the fb page is down. After other call finally was able to deposit 10k php from website was written transaction succesfull and waiting voucher since without that cannot enter Bataan After a while call again reception and we were been ask a slip to confirm booking?? On them website is written that regardless vaccination PCR is mandatory butnon verbal call(again and again)reply was that there is no need PCR for vaccinated people and that them website was not updated info Were been told that them system has technical issue and will update us after a hour.... As of now not even know.if we could go to this place Could not be more disappointed for the poor professionality and managment of this resort Hoping to have better and clear scenario this is all for now Stay tuned

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    Terdapat beberapa cara untuk mendapatkan hotel dengan harga berpatutan di Anda boleh kecilkan hasil carian dengan menapis hotel mengikut julat harga pilihan anda, atau anda boleh isih hasil carian mengikut harga untuk melihat pilihan yang paling murah dahulu.

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    Kadangkala lebih murah untuk menempah hotel pada pertengahan minggu, tetapi itu bergantung pada musim.

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