Ranis Lodge
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Ranis Lodge

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Lot 1261 Kampung Nyior Chabang, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah
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Terletak di Langkawi, Ranis Lodge hanya 1 minit memandu dari Bukit Sawak dan 7 minit dari Padang Beras Terbakar. Vila ini berada 14 km dari Pantai Cenang dan 14.6 km dari Pantai Tanjung Rhu.Lihat Lagi
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4.8/5Menakjubkan·Kebersihan: 4.8
Kesemua 11 Ulasan
Kolam Renang Luar BangunanLetak Kenderaan PersendirianPercumaStoran bagasiWi-Fi di kawasan awamPercuma
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Lapangan Terbang: Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Langkawi
Mercu Tanda: Surau An Najah Kampung Nyior Chabang
Mercu Tanda: Kampung Padang Mat Sirat


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Vila Deluxe

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  • Kebersihan4.8
  • Kemudahan4.8
  • Persekitaran4.8
  • Perkhidmatan4.8

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P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
14 Julai 2024
5* such a beautiful place to relax. We loved everything here! The entire estate is stunning and the hosts were brilliant in every way. We planned to stay 3 nights and ended up staying 6 it was so perfect for us. One of the nicest places we have ever stayed at 💛
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
22 Mac 2024
So pleased we were able to make a return visit to the fabulous Ranis Lodge. An ideal base for exploring as well as a perfect location to chill away an afternoon in a hammock or in the pool emptying your mind of everything apart from how lucky you are to be here. Reinhold continues to run a really welcoming experience. A great selection of restaurants within 20 minutes drive adds to the appeal. We will be making every effort to make a 3rd visit
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
10 Disember 2023
This is a perfect place to relax and experience a rural part of Langkawi. We stayed in a Jungle villa overlooking beautiful rainforest and well kept gardens. The monkeys, squirrels and other wildlife kept us entertained. This is the place to stay if you want to avoid tourist traps and crowds. Such a peaceful location. We loved having a sundowner in the Hangout Area. We were usually the only people using it. For such a private, exclusive experience, Ranis Lodge is incredibly well priced. There is little within walking distance so recommend you hire a car or scooter (which can be arranged before you arrive). We loved exploring the island on a scooter, so many little laneways through the village. At the end of the day, it was a relief to come back to the infinity pool and very comfortable villa which had excellent WiFi and Netflix. The little kitchen was perfect as we could self cater a few meals, or ordering meals is easy via the Grab App. We can't wait to return to Ranis Lodge.
17 Februari 2023
Incredibly well-designed rooms, relaxation and pool area. Every space was personally cared for and finished very nicely. Breakfasts delicious!
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
13 Februari 2023
4/5 star resort; we add 1/2 star for culture. Resort luxury plus sensitively retained forest. Nature and culture feel right here, along with a huge shelf of books, honesty bar, yummy breakfast with suggested charity donations, and a great pool. The ambience is marvelous and inspiring.
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
9 Februari 2023
What an amazing second time around. Visited 1st in Feb 2020. We returned from our 2nd visit and its truly a sanctuary for us. Love the villa over the tree tops. Fabulous breakfast, the pool, the greenery around the villas and the staff are just superb. Everything is well kept and well thought of. Hopefully to be back soon. Best of luck!
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
8 Februari 2023
Unbelievable. One of the best stays I think we’ve ever had. Tranquil, beautiful setting on the hillside, with spectacular views across the island, and centrally located so you can easily get anywhere. Reinhold is an outstanding host, and all of the staff are warm, friendly and very welcoming. The facilities are superb; a beautiful infinity pool to refresh after a hot day exploring the island, delicious breakfasts, complementary water station which works seamlessly, great reading and rest area with hammocks….honestly the list could go on and on. The little lodge we stayed in was spotlessly clean, private, very modern and well maintained, and a stunning veranda area to sit and watch the wildlife and enjoy a drink. Thank you so much for making our week long stay such a special one, from the moment we arrived to the moment we sadly departed. We will be back!!
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
15 Disember 2022
Ranis Lodge is a delight; a well tended and perfectly presented small group of villas nestling on the hill slopes. You are away from the busy parts of the island but close enough to enjoy everything that they have to offer. A car or scooter will enable you to retreat into this oasis, float in the infinity pool, or swing nonchalantly from the hammock in the bale with juice or beer in hand from the honesty bar. Animal sounds and not traffic will be your gentle wake-up call in super clean accommodation with private balcony with great views. Breakfast prepared by the owner sets you up for another day in Elysium.
P‍e‍n‍g‍g‍u‍n‍a‍ ‍T‍e‍t‍a‍m‍u
1 November 2022
We stayed here almost a week in July and it was absolutely fantastic. We stayed in one of the Rimba villas that are down in the jungle. The villa was clean and superb and we enjoyed every aspect of it. One of the best parts was the shy monkeys that loomed around in the trees above and next to the villa. It was interesting to wonder them from the shower’s window. The lodge area was also really beautiful and felt like you were properly immersed in the nature. The small jungle walkway from the Rimba villas to the pool/breakfast area was a nice touch. Breakfast prepared by Reinhold was just amazing and so tasty. Staying here was definitely the highlight of our 1 month Malaysia trip!

Polisi Tempat Penginapan

Waktu Daftar Masuk & Daftar Keluar
Waktu daftar masuk: 15:00–21:00
Waktu daftar keluar: 07:00–11:00.

Untuk daftar masuk, hubungi tempat penginapan 1 hari lebih awal

Polisi Kanak-kanak
Kanak-kanak dari semua peringkat umur dialu-alukan di hotel ini.
Bayaran tambahan mungkin dikenakan untuk kanak-kanak yang menggunakan katil sedia ada. Tambah bilangan kanak-kanak bagi mendapatkan harga yang lebih tepat.

Katil Bayi dan Katil Tambahan
Sila hubungi pihak hotel untuk mendapatkan butiran tentang polisi katil bayi dan katil tambahan.

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Keterangan Penginapan

  • Bilangan Bilik: 9
Terletak di Langkawi, Ranis Lodge hanya 1 minit memandu dari Bukit Sawak dan 7 minit dari Padang Beras Terbakar. Vila ini berada 14 km dari Pantai Cenang dan 14.6 km dari Pantai Tanjung Rhu.

Berseronoklah dengan peluang rekreasi seperti kolam renang terbuka atau gunakan kemudahan lain yang termasuk akses Internet wayarles percuma.

Tempat letak kenderaan sendiri percuma terdapat di tapak hartanah.

Selesakan diri anda di salah sebuah daripada bilik tamu yang dihias secara berasingan, serta menampilkan dapur kecil dengan peti sejuk/penyejuk beku saiz penuh dan dapur. Bilik mempunyai balkoni persendirian. Televisyen skrin rata 40-inci dengan program satelit disediakan untuk hiburan anda, manakala akses Internet wayarles percuma membolehkan anda sentiasa berhubung. Kemudahan yang disediakan merangkumi tempat duduk berasingan dan ketuhar gelombang mikro, manakala pengemasan disediakan setiap minggu.

Perkhidmatan & Kemudahan

Kolam Renang Luar Bangunan
Lihat Lagi

Soalan Lazim

Apakah waktu daftar masuk dan waktu daftar keluar di Ranis Lodge?

Waktu daftar masuk adalah selepas 15:00 dan waktu daftar keluar adalah sebelum 11:00.

Apakah kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang disediakan di Ranis Lodge?

Ranis Lodge mempunyai kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang berikut: Tempat Letak Kenderaan, Kolam Renang Luaran, Storan bagasi.

Apakah lapangan terbang yang terdekat dengan Ranis Lodge?

Lapangan terbang terdekat adalah Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Langkawi. Jaraknya adalah 6.0km dari hotel dan dalam perjalanan lebih kurang 11minit dengan menaiki teksi.

Adakah Wi-Fi disediakan di Ranis Lodge?

Ya, hotel menyediakan Wi-Fi.

Adakah Ranis Lodge menyediakan perkhidmatan jemputan pergi-balik lapangan terbang?

Tidak, Ranis Lodge tidak menyediakan perkhidmatan jemputan pergi-balik lapangan terbang.

Adakah Ranis Lodge mempunyai kolam renang?

Ya, Ranis Lodge mempunyai kolam renang. Jenis kolam renang: Kolam Renang Luaran.

Adakah tempat letak kenderaan disediakan di Ranis Lodge?

Ya, tempat letak kenderaan disediakan di Ranis Lodge.

Berapakah harga untuk menginap di Ranis Lodge?

Harga di Ranis Lodge adalah tertakluk kepada perubahan mengikut tarikh, polisi hotel, dan faktor lain. Untuk melihat harga, sila cari tarikh yang anda ingin menginap di hotel.

Adakah Ranis Lodge mempunyai kemudahan kanak-kanak?

Tidak, Ranis Lodge tidak mempunyai kemudahan kanak-kanak.

Adakah Ranis Lodge mempunyai restoran?

Tidak, Ranis Lodge tidak mempunyai restoran.

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Lapangan Terbang TerdekatLapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Langkawi
Jarak ke Lapangan Terbang5.97KM
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