Lihat pilihan hotel di Parnu kami dengan Sarapan pagi

Lihat Ulasan Tetamu untuk Hotel di Parnu

Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa
4.4/575 Ulasan
This is not the first time we have stayed at this hotel. Everything is always wonderful. The restaurant has changed for the better, the breakfast selection is excellent. We are grateful to the hotel for the opportunity to stay with your pet.... We will definitely come again and will always recommend the hotel to family and friends.
Hedon Spa & Hotel
4.5/568 Ulasan
Everything was just perfect! On this occasion, we had an absolutely extraordinary taste experience on a 3-course ”taste journey”. The server Anastasija was extremely professional and attentive. I have been to Hedon Spa many times before, but this time was really the most special. Success!
Hotel Villa Wesset
4.2/570 Ulasan
In the quiet district, right next to Parnu beach is hidden a wonderful hotel with an eccentric interior. The room was compact, with large and comfortable bed. We liked the breakfast options like prosecco in the morning. You need to be aware that since May 1, 2024 in Parnu there all around are paid parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apakah hotel dengan Sarapan pagi yang popular di Parnu?

    Sama ada anda membuat perjalanan ke Parnu atas tujuan perniagaan atau pelancongan, Villa Ammende Restaurant and Hotel , Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa dan Hedon Spa & Hotel merupakan semua hotel pilihan.

  • Berapakan kadar purata untuk hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Parnu?

    Bagi hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Parnu, harga purata pada hari bekerja ialah RM 625, dan harga purata pada hujung minggu (Jumaat–Sabtu) ialah RM 695.

  • Hotel manakah dengan Sarapan pagi di Parnu yang merupakan hotel mewah?

    Kebanyakan hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Parnu ialah hotel mewah. Villa Ammende Restaurant and Hotel amat popular.

  • Apakah promosi yang tersedia untuk hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Parnu? menyediakan pelbagai promosi dan diskaun untuk pengguna sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh semak halaman promosi untuk melihat promosi yang tersedia pada

Maklumat Perjalanan Setempat

Bilangan Hotel136
Bilangan Ulasan614
Harga TertinggiRM 3,291
Harga TerendahRM 179
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 625
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 695