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The Lince Azores
4.3/571 Ulasan
My opinion is that this establishment has a confused identity in that it is unhospitable, bordering on unfriendly, poorly located and charging high end rates but also provides touches one would expect to find in a cheap budget hotel chain. The Positives : Our room was on the Executive Floor and was spotlessly clean, big in size, with a comfortable bed and good quality bedding. For this it gets a star. The ensuite was also large with an in-bath shower, with a good quality rain forest head, however I personally dislike in-bath showers and consider them to be a safety hazard. I believe every hotel at this stage should be providing a walk in shower. The hotel has a nice pool with a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi for which it received its second star, however these areas can be busy when tours are in the hotel. The Negatives : Our room did not have a balcony hence the sea view was really irrelevant due to the window cill being above waist level therefore the view could not be enjoyed other than in a standing position. The tea tray was abysmal, indeed I have never seen its likes in a budget hotel !! paper cups were provided ???? when I asked at reception, I was simply informed that's what they provide. Paper cups in an executive room ?Any environmental value was quickly superseded by wrapping each in single use plastic. Furthermore no milk was provided nor was any welcome note or complimentary water. I have never stayed in any hotel anywhere worldwide that didn't provide complimentary water in the room, let alone one charging such nightly rates. The buffet breakfast is substantial, yet here again there were issues as discussed in previous reviews and touches of budget chain hotel. I yet again simply cannot understand any executive chef permitting cold plates to be provided to serve hot food, not that all the food will be hot to start with, indeed depending on your luck and timing the food will vary from warm to stone cold and certainly cannot afford heat loss to a cold plate. Tea and coffee are self served from 2 machines in front of which you queue up !!! a queue which can be significant when tours are in occupation. I have never queued for tea in such a manor in any hotel previously, it was more akin to getting tea in a petrol station than a high end hotel. Unhospitable : We arrived early after a long journey and dropped the bags at the hotel, we were informed that the room wasn't ready however if such became available prior to the 15.00 check in time that the hotel would ring us. We called back at 14.00 hot and sweaty, ready to throw ourselves in a chair for an hour to be told that the room was now ready ??? Well then as I have complained strongly in another review, where was our phone call ??? Mind you in hind sight the reception did not show much hospitality in many issues. We walked in and out of the hotel, past reception, several times per day, and not once did the receptionists (at times up to 3 of them at times) lift there eyes or acknowl
Azoris Royal Garden – Leisure & Conference Hotel
4.5/592 Ulasan
Pekerja kaunter penerimaan tetamu sangat membantu. Mereka memberikan cadangan yang baik untuk restoran dan tapak di pulau itu. Mereka juga menghubungi tapak untuk memastikan mereka dibuka pada hari cuti kebangsaan apabila kebanyakan tempat ditutup. Restoran ini mempunyai banyak pilihan pilihan makanan pada bufet sarapan dan makan malam mereka. Kami memesan Ala carte semasa makan malam dan makanannya panas dan baru disediakan. Tidak banyak rempah, tetapi rasa tidak kurang. Lokasinya agak jauh dari pusat bandar dan tidak mempunyai pemandangan laut. Bilik-bilik sangat bersih dan permintaan khas dikendalikan dengan cepat.
Antillia Hotel
4.2/573 Ulasan
Antillia's facilities - pool, spa, fitness center - may put this in a 4-star category, but our room definitely was not at that level. I booked Antillia through an Azores tour operator and I trusted their judgment on this being a 4-star hotel, based on a wonderful experience we'd had in Terceira last year. I was expecting something comparable. I don't know if we were put on the ”package traveler” section of the hotel - we had to take two elevators to the lobby area and were some distance away - but there was no coffee maker or kettle, no mini bar (despite a listing of items on the desk), no toiletries aside from a body/hand/hair gel, and despite asking for a double room, we were given twin beds. Which were pushed together, but made up separately. It's not the same. I was surprised when I saw housekeeping staff leave a room with a kettle, so maybe some rooms have a coffee/tea-making setup. Breakfasts were sumptuous but were not included in our rate. I know that's an issue for the tour company and not the hotel. The best part of our room was the balcony. The room was clean and tidy, but no frills. The reviews calling this a luxury hotel - I'm not sure where that comes in. I joked to my husband that it would be easier for someone to get their legs waxed at Antillia than to find a cup of coffee : ) Check out Apito Dourado down the street for a great meal!
Octant Ponta Delgada
4.5/5101 Ulasan
Liked · - View from the room - Breakfast variety and fresh cooked omeletes - Rooftop bar and cockteils Disliked · - Reception personel politeness and their general attitude. They are always detached and speaking Portugese at first, although they knew we were from abroad. They were not even greeting us when entering the hotel and trying to look the other way. Same is for the personel in the breakfast entrance. They are always with a bad attitude and strange looks. To be absolutely fair, there are 2 young guys in the reception area that are very polite and only cared to ask if we are satisfied during our 7 days there.. Also in the breakfast personel, only the 2 chef's are polite and helpful. - Room had markings on the walls and 1 spider web, ”SmartTV” is from 2010 probably. Only screen sharing makes it ”smart”. Also a big stamp on the carpet. In a week of stay, we only saw once to change bed sheets. - Restaurant of hotel is overpriced, small portions and wines are extremely overpriced. In a short walking distance, a restaurant next to marina is offering much better food. Also the offer only dinner and no lunch at all. - They claim to offer vallet parking (10 euro per day). But actually you need to find a place to leave the car outside. I had to park several times on the pavement illegally as the parking spots at the entrace were almost every time full and then try to find someone from the reception to give the keys and to park my car. Same situation when you want to get the car from the garage. And their attitude is like doing you a favor to get the car, that you have paid to park in their garage. I asked twice to get the car myself and they always declined. Also since the parking spots at the entrance are almost every time occupied, it is difficult to load the baggage to the car etc. - Different treatment if you are of younger age. It seems you have to be over 45 to be treated with respect in the hotel. Very dissapointed to see such behavior from the personel. It ruined the whole stay on the island, which is otherwise amazing.
Hotel Casa Hintze Ribeiro
4.4/540 Ulasan
The hotel was clean and surprisingly quiet given its central location. The blue and white color combination throughout was a nice design choice. The bed was on the hard side, but was actually two beds pushed together so you can fall into the canyon in the middle of the night. The breakfast was ok, the variety of items was the normal selection but it wasn’t very tasty. There is a Spa area that you can reserve access in one hour time blocks. It’s a hot tub, sauna and steam room that also comes with shower and bathroom. The steam room was more of a stink room and so not usable. There is a rooftop pool that was nice. Parking-The listing says that there is free parking but in reality it’s not accessible (at least when I was there) because of random street closures that meant that the street in front of the hotel was inaccessible to cars and I had to park a couple blocks away. On that note a warning that the dense urban center is tough to drive around because of very narrow streets, one ways, and random street closures meant that google maps was nearly useless for navigation that I just got frustrated and parked the car and then walked the rest of the way to the hotel. My room, number 101, had a silly design flaw in that the bathroom walls were glass and so anyone else in the room can see you in the shower or sitting on the toilet. There is fogged glass that only goes 1/2 way up but that doesn’t really address the issue of seeing you or hearing bathroom noises.
Hotel Marina Atlântico
4.3/5101 Ulasan
Also mit Abstand das beste Hotel des diesjährigen Azoren Trips. Schönes, sehr sauberes Zimmer mit Blick auf den Hafen. Tolles SPA! Gutes Frühstück und extrem freundliches Personal. Einziger Kritikpunkt: wie in so vielen Hotels fehlt die ausreichende Möglichkeit zum Trockenen nasser Kleidung. Auf den Azoren wird es halt schon mal feucht von oben. Und es wäre schön wenn man Schuhe und Jacken trocknen könnte.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apakah hotel dengan Spa yang popular di Ponta Delgada?

    Sama ada anda membuat perjalanan ke Ponta Delgada atas tujuan perniagaan atau pelancongan, MS Vila Nova , Antillia Hotel dan Vila Gale Collection S.Miguel merupakan semua hotel pilihan.

  • Berapakan kadar purata untuk hotel dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada?

    Bagi hotel dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada, harga purata pada hari bekerja ialah RM 1,409, dan harga purata pada hujung minggu (Jumaat–Sabtu) ialah RM 1,469.

  • Hotel manakah dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada yang menawarkan pemandangan laut?

    Kebanyakan hotel dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada turut menawarkan pemandangan laut. Azoris Royal Garden – Leisure & Conference Hotel dan Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico ialah pilihan yang baik.

  • Hotel manakah dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada yang merupakan hotel mewah?

    Kebanyakan hotel dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada ialah hotel mewah. Grand Hotel Açores Atlântico dan Octant Ponta Delgada amat popular.

  • Hotel manakah dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada yang membenarkan haiwan kesayangan dibawa?

    Acorsonho Apartamentos Turisticos membenarkan haiwan kesayangan dibawa. Bawa haiwan kesayangan anda menginap bersama!

  • Apakah promosi yang tersedia untuk hotel dengan Spa di Ponta Delgada? menyediakan pelbagai promosi dan diskaun untuk pengguna sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh semak halaman promosi untuk melihat promosi yang tersedia pada

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Bilangan Hotel35
Bilangan Ulasan1,183
Harga TertinggiRM 10,663
Harga TerendahRM 414
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 1,409
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 1,469