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Hotel Das Taipas
3.8/514 Ulasan
I stayed here one night following my football team in Braga. It was one of the last hotels in the area that was still available, but travel to nearby Braga was only possible by taxi. The hotel was very basic. - The toilet was in a poor state of repair. There was often no hot water, and the shower runs off the tap water so this made showering difficult. The bathroom sink was made of stainless steel, which was reminiscent of a prison cell. - There is no heating, the air con only cools the room. It was cold weather during my stay, which made for a very uncomfortable sleep. - Reception is manned 24 hours a day, which was useful for getting bottled water when I arrived back late at night. It was also useful for getting a taxi so I could escape back to civilisation when I left early in the morning to go home. Don’t stay here at all if you’re actually on holiday, and if you’re just stopping over… still don’t stay here if there is literally anything else available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apakah hotel dengan WiFi yang popular di São Lourenço?

    Sama ada anda membuat perjalanan ke São Lourenço atas tujuan perniagaan atau pelancongan, Hotel Das Taipas merupakan hotel pilihan.

  • Berapakan kadar purata untuk hotel dengan WiFi di São Lourenço?

    Bagi hotel dengan WiFi di São Lourenço, harga purata pada hari bekerja ialah RM 853, dan harga purata pada hujung minggu (Jumaat–Sabtu) ialah RM 858.

  • Apakah promosi yang tersedia untuk hotel dengan WiFi di São Lourenço? menyediakan pelbagai promosi dan diskaun untuk pengguna sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh semak halaman promosi untuk melihat promosi yang tersedia pada

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Bilangan Hotel4
Bilangan Ulasan40
Harga TertinggiRM 1,379
Harga TerendahRM 202
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 853
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 858