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Sahara Beach Resort & Spa
3.4/533 Ulasan
Pusat Bandar Sharjah
В декабре 2023 рядом с отелем был ремонт дороги. Но при этом была приличная скидка на проживание. В целом отель понравился, чисто, персонал вежливый. Завтраки хорошие. Но рядом с отелем со стороны моря на берегу какая-то фабрика. Море не сказать чтобы грязное, не считая немного бытового мусора, но соседство с работающей фабрикой смущает...
Coral Beach Resort Sharjah
4.3/561 Ulasan
Pusat Bandar Sharjah
فندق جميل فندق روعة مع اطلالة خلابة وخدمات ممتازة وتعامل الموضفين باحترافية خصوصا قسم الاستقبال شكرا على حسن التعاملمع الضيوف. فندق نضيف وممتاز اوصي به بشدة .............................................
Al Hayat Hotel Suites
3.5/511 Ulasan
Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Dubai
Al Bustan Flats
3.2/513 Ulasan
Pusat Bandar Sharjah
Отдых прошел на ура , понравилось расположение отеля. На первой береговой линии плюс пляж песочный очень мягкий, Доступные цены и неплохой отель. Если хотите отдохнуть плюс сэкономить то смело бронируйте. Успели и на море побывать и в Дубай сЪездить все рядом
Hotel 72 Sharjah Waterfront
4.2/512 Ulasan
Pusat Bandar Sharjah
More like a 4 star B hotel but at least better than Ibis Sharjah Liked · 1. True non-smoking room not non-smoking only in name as at Ibis Sharjah 2. Excellent refrigerator with working freezer. 3. Excellent aircon with temperature control. 4. Spacious room and large modern bathroom. 5. Mattress is comfy. 6 Good blackout curtains. Disliked · 1. Drain in sink clogged 2. Hair drier not working 3. Annoying buzzing sound (emitted by refrigerator?) impeding continuous restful sleep 4. Clock set incorrectly indicating 40 minutes fast 5. Terrible corrugated floors uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet or with socks 6. Very few spare outlets to use or inconveniently located negating their utility 7. Quirky, unergonomic lighting i.e. insufficient lighting for reading in bed; floor lamp located in useless place 8. Bed needs an extra, thin sheet (brought my own fortunately) and is not long enough for tall people Cleaners start vacuuming around the doors of the room by 10AM so if you are not sleepless from the noise in the room, then you will get woken up by the cleaners mid-morning. I used this hotel as I had a 17 hour layover in Sharjah. It is located in the neighborhood Majaz-1. On the way from Sharjah airport on a Saturday evening it was slow going by taxi (30-40 minutes) at a cost of 55 dirhams but Sunday morning just 10-15 minutes at a cost of 36 dirhams. This was an alternative for me to staying at the overpriced Sharjah Airport hotel on Dhaid Road ”Centro” (in which there are no eating options outside this Centro Hotel). However, near Hotel 72 turning right at the main entrance staying on the main street there is a good Arabic restaurant within perhaps 250 meters from the hotel called Madfoon Al-Khaimah. That is why I rated location as very good in terms of utility of Hotel 72 as a transit hotel. Charged $79 for one night. If you add in an additional $27 for taxis from/to the Airport, the savings from staying is very small to nil but at least you can have a good meal at an affordable price near Hotel 72 at Madfoon Al-Khaimah. I would not rate this hotel highly but standards are low throughout Sharjah so, in comparison with other Sharjah options, it is not a bad choice. Certainly better than the last time I transited in Sharjah and stayed one night in Ibis Sharjah, which, even at half the price of Hotel 72, is an inferior choice by far. If memory serves, by the way, I stayed in room 607 down the corridor on the 6th floor last door on the left.
Hotel Holiday International
4/542 Ulasan
Pusat Bandar Sharjah
Hotel is in the centre of everything. Hope on hop off bus is in the front of hotel. Al Noor Mosque and Waterfront is very easy to get even by foot. We had upgrade our room. Food is was tasty. Breakfast is very good.

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Bilangan Hotel85
Bilangan Ulasan2,325
Harga TertinggiRM 5,878
Harga TerendahRM 117
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 597
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 592