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Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Shreveport-Airport, La
3/5109 Ulasan
Orang meja depan meleret kad saya walaupun semuanya telah dibayar dan ia memadamkan pembayaran, namun dia tetap menjaga saya dan keperluan saya, memastikan saya dan anak perempuan saya selesa. Dia juga mengendalikan perniagaan dengan untuk saya. Itulah sebabnya saya tinggal di sini setiap kali saya melawat!
Bally's Shreveport Casino & Hotel
3.8/5100 Ulasan
Hotel ini terletak betul-betul di atas kasino. Tidak perlu dikatakan bahawa ia sangat mengagumkan. Hanya makan, minum dan berseronok di kasino, tetapi lalu lintas untuk pergi ke tempat lain adalah masalah. Anda perlu memandu sendiri.
Courtyard Shreveport Airport
4/5103 Ulasan
The property has a new outside look. Inside needs some lift as well. Very clean and nice staff. We haven’t stayed here in years. I was disappointed that they made me pay for water for my husband’s sleep machine. Never stayed at a Marriott that did!
Travelodge by Wyndham Shreveport La
2.8/580 Ulasan
The room was ABOMINABLE! Even with the LOW nightly rate I got it was HORRENDOUS! If this is what Wyndham wants to rep, you have reached a new low! Let's see where do I start: phone was completely dead for me to report that the TV did not work AND that the TV remote had no back to keep the batteries in. So, I had to walk to the office where the maintenance men just happened to be. They came over and ”fixed” the TV, which had the grainiest picture I have EVER seen, ever! Some channels were so bad I couldn't even watch them. Their ”repair” for the lack of a battery cover was to take some clear packing tape and wrapped it around the remote! REALLY??? Then, the best for last as the next day when I went to take a shower I noticed the porcelain in the shower was pock marked like it was 30+ years old, to th point of being disgusting looking, BUT, hold your breath, then I notice many HAIRS stuck to the bottom of the tub, FROM ANOTHER HUMAN BEING! GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! OMG! I had to rinse and rinse to get those digesting short little black hairs out of the tub so I could take a shower and get the F out of that hellhole of a room! I have pictures to document if you are even interested!? Can't even give the hotel a 1 out of 10!
Shreveport Downtown
3.2/5107 Ulasan
I have stayed at this hotel several times for business. I was disappointed with this stay based on the toilet not flushing and when I called the front desk she advised that maintenance would be sent up, after waiting 20 minutes I called back and was told that we would have to move to another room without being told prior to my follow up call to see how long it was going to take maintenance to come up. This was just a very disappointing experience.
Hilton Shreveport
4.1/5100 Ulasan
It's 10PM and I'm arriving in Shreveport for my dad's surgery in the morning. I called the Hilton to confirm that the hotel knew I was arriving late, and I was informed by the front desk clerk that they were oversold and did not have a room for me, but that they would walk me down the street to another hotel that was used for their overflow. I asked if it was equivalent to the Hilton in ratings. The answer was no. The reviews for the other location were terrible. When I asked why I was not notified that they had no rooms, the desk clerk responded that the day shift must have been busy. So was I!! I told him I was not comfortable with the ratings of the other hotel and their reviews for cleanliness were not good. I asked if there were other options? The response was, ”No, but if you want to cancel I can refund your money.” I told him that was really nice - especially since they didn't have a room for me. Seriously?!?!!!! Done with Hilton. I frequent the Omni and Hyatt for both work and pleasure weekly and never has this happened. Really disappointing and super frustrating - not to mention inconvenient as I'm trying to find another locations to stay. So much for customer service and reservations. Thank you Marriott for coming to the rescue and even offering a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apakah hotel dengan WiFi yang popular di Shreveport?

    Sama ada anda membuat perjalanan ke Shreveport atas tujuan perniagaan atau pelancongan, Shreveport Downtown , Bally's Shreveport Casino & Hotel dan Hampton Inn Shreveport-Airport merupakan semua hotel pilihan.

  • Berapakan kadar purata untuk hotel dengan WiFi di Shreveport?

    Bagi hotel dengan WiFi di Shreveport, harga purata pada hari bekerja ialah RM 609, dan harga purata pada hujung minggu (Jumaat–Sabtu) ialah RM 713.

  • Hotel manakah dengan WiFi di Shreveport yang membenarkan haiwan kesayangan dibawa?

    Motel 6 Shreveport dan La membenarkan haiwan kesayangan dibawa. Bawa haiwan kesayangan anda menginap bersama!

  • Apakah promosi yang tersedia untuk hotel dengan WiFi di Shreveport? menyediakan pelbagai promosi dan diskaun untuk pengguna sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh semak halaman promosi untuk melihat promosi yang tersedia pada

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Bilangan Hotel63
Bilangan Ulasan3,285
Harga TertinggiRM 2,461
Harga TerendahRM 181
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 609
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 713