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Lippo Mall Kemang

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Satriamandala Museum

Sleepzzz Hotel Senayan
3.6/539 Ulasan

Sleepzzz Hotel Senayan

Kota Jakarta Selatan|0.47km dari Satriamandala Museum
I have never bothered to give a review, let alone leave bad comments, but this one is OUTRAGEOUS. Don’t even know where to start. I booked the twin superior room and when I arrived at 14.30, I need to wait for a half hour just to check in to the room. The hotel has an elevator but it is more like freight elevator to me. When I get to my floor, I was welcomed with trashes and pile of dirty linen JUST IN FRONT OF THE ELEVATOR. The hallway was also filled with used bottles and trashes in front of each room. When I got to my room, I was so suprised that the room was not anything like the pictures. It was really small and old, the bed was really uncomfortable and the TV is not working. Dissapointed with my room, I got back to the reception and asked for an upgrade room. They offered me superior room with extra Rp 150.000 and I decided to take it (of course w/o breakfast!). It was more spacious, but the worst has yet to come. First, the room smelled of cigarretes. Second, the AC is not cold at all. Third, the TV was blurred and the remote was not working. Fourth, the bathroom was really old and feels like public toilet. Fifth, when I wanted to order room service they did not answer my phone. It was really hot in the room that I couldnt stay for a long time inside. At night, I decided to c/o and book another hotel for my stay. In total I spent Rp 370.000 for room that felt like a garage. People, GET UR MONEY SOMEWHEREELSE. The only good thing about this hotel is the location.

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Exhibition Hall - SMESCO Indonesia

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Kopi Luwak Pacific Place

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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Jakarta Pacific Place
4.7/526 Ulasan
The location was excellant as it was on top a huge shopping mall, access to lots of food stores and transport. The business lounge was great with meeting rooms available for private appointments. The only issue I have with the hotel is that is cost 3 to 4x more than most 5 star hotels in Jakarta.
Ibis Styles Jakarta Simatupang
4.4/544 Ulasan
隣接してモール(チランダックタウンスクエア)があり買い物(酒類含む)や食事などには困りません。ただ、高速沿いなので騒音を気にしましたが全く問題ありませんでした。 部屋は清潔で保守も行き届いています。 アメニティは最低限用意してあり、欲しい物があればリクエスト可能、ミネラルウォーターが足らなければ通路にあります。 レストランとBARが1Fに有りますが、朝食バイキングの種類が少々少ない&BARは一部カクテルのみでお酒を飲める環境ではありません。空港までのタクシーもBlue birdが予約可能です。 価格の割には良いホテルだと思います。
Rasuna Mansion
3.8/57 Ulasan
Great stay. Awesome for leisure. Superb hospitality. Spacious room. Very neat and tidy. Worth for money
Happy Inn
4/57 Ulasan
Blok M
Saya sangat suka dengan hotel ini. Tempatnya dekat dengan pusat kota & banyak makanan disekitar sini
Rasuna Icon Hotel
4.1/529 Ulasan
1. It was located in the middle of the citizen’s residential area, near Jl. HR. Rasuna Said as the main road. But it was surrounded by office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and also accessible by public transportation (TransJakarta & LRT). It was actually quite far from the main road, so you need to take a walk or hitchhike a ride to get there. 2. The room wasn’t quite big but spacious enough. I booked a Deluxe Room, but I got a free upgrade to the Executive Room which of course is bigger. Actually both types of the rooms are quite similar, the only difference is that the Executive Room has a single sofa at the corner of the room. There was a wall-size window that could be opened, which had a very tiny space without any view but a wall, perhaps it was made for smokers to smoke. Surprisingly, the room has a microwave to reheat your food. Unfortunately, the room was a bit unclean. I could feel the dust on the blanket and the linen. The Air Conditioner was not as cold as it was expected. 3. The bathroom was on the right side of the door, and it was really small. The hose-spray attached to the toilet flew a high power of water. The shower tube was so small, and it was quite hard for me to move my body, especially when I needed to reach some difficult parts of my body to be cleaned. The hosed-shower was adjustable, but the wall and a glass door which separate the shower tube and the toilet & washbasin were only built three quarters, which made the toilet and washbasin got some splashes. Fortunately, The water heater was working as well. 4. The breakfast was delivered to my room. Actually there was a restaurant at the top of the building but I wasn’t sure whether it also served breakfast for the hotel’s guests or it was only open for the public at night. I went to that rooftop restaurant to breathe some fresh air and taste some food. Well, the food was delicious but for the price it was a bit too expensive. 5. All the staff were nice, polite, warm and very helpful. But I wasn’t sure whether I would have another night there again.
The Langham Jakarta
4.5/544 Ulasan
The 1st time we encounter a high floor hotel in Jakarta and it was amazing! Compared to other hotels with high floor concept that are business friendly and somehow lack of family support (tried some in Japan though), Langham Jakarta is very family friendly while still also friendly for business issues. We had staycation here for our anniversary (and plus an infant now). So much thank you to the team (Ms. Yuca, Ms. Haniffa, Ms. Lulu) helped me preparing the surprise for my wife. The decoration and cake are simple but very pretty. Oh, and its very nice to have your romantic event here. Either dining at Tom's or making it in room dining, views are supporting your wish for the night. The breakfast also great! Haven't taste a good breakfast in Jakarta besides 1 other hotel near it. So far, I can rank breakfast at Tom's at 1st.

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Harga TertinggiRM 2,108
Harga TerendahRM 48
Bilangan Ulasan6,535
Bilangan Hotel3,923
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 342
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 353