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Shoestrings Backpackers Lodge Vic Falls
4.1/535 Ulasan
Shoestrings must be under new ownership or management, as I'd say it's operating the best I've ever seen....and my first time staying at Shoestrings was in 1999, and I've visited Vic Falls almost every year since then (pre COVID) and made a point to drop in for a drink, primarily being nostalgic. So it was time to stay again, and I was very impressed with the current operation (just two things to work on, noted below). First, the lodge is fine for all ages, so don't think it's a youth's a lodge. There were young, middle-aged, and older...and the vibe for everyone was comfortable and welcoming. Next, I have to give huge compliments to Ann, who works in the reception. Simply outstanding in every way; detailed in all arrangements requested (and any activity operator or even taxi service that didn't deliver well for her guests (us) got an earful from her; she even reprimanded the Immigration service for mishandling the entry visas for 2 guests and had them come to the property to refund and reissue the visas)....but most importantly she was sincerely caring for all of the guests, and was funny as well. Everyone is in GREAT hands being looked after by Ann!! So about the property... They keep it super clean. I was probably the first awake every day and would hang in the common area, and the cleaning was in full-swing by 6-630am when I would wander out to grab a coffee...I was very impressed by the commitment to keeping it clean, especially after they had an active night in the bar/common area. The main/font lounge area is a very relaxing where everyone is welcome. I ended up meeting 4 other solo travelers of various ages who quickly became ”friends for life”, and we ended up spontaneously traveling together for extended trips to Zambia and Botswana. It's just a great area to be social with other travelers, or just sprawl on the couch and chairs like I often did, when not with my newfound friends. Nice and very clean pool adjacent to the front lounge area. It was always too cold for me to try, but others were braver than me and looked to enjoy it. Maybe I wish they had more than one lounger to use and soak up some sun. I self catered camped, first time in my life. I was not very good at it, and didn't have the proper bedding for the freezing nighttime temperature....not surprisingly Ann came to the rescue and arranged extra bedding for me, with just a refundable deposit needed. Never felt my belongings were unsafe in the garden, though of course I also used a lock. Due to an extremely early bus departure the next day, and not wanting to deconstruct my tent at 430-5am, I did move into a dorm for my last night. I don't think I've stayed in a dorm for at least 2 decades, and was a bit apprehensive. But it was again a welcoming place to stay, had nice chats with the few others in the room, very comfortable beds/bedding, privacy curtains for each bed, and two fans for air circulation. Okay, are for improvement....the sha
N1 Hotel & Campsite Victoria Falls
3.9/541 Ulasan
This was our second visit to this hotel and we like the superb location and friendly staff. There were renovations going on at the back, but it did not affect us. The brewery/bar opposite had a live band one night but the noise stopped at 10pm (and the band were actually pretty good!). Basic room but has everything you need. Excellent breakfasts. Secure parking. Walking distance of Falls, Three Monkeys, Vic Falls Hotel (for afternoon tea). The hassle factor outside was almost non-existent this visit, even on the bridge - last time was end of Covid and the touts were struggling financially at that time for obvious reasons. Recommend the Historical Bridge Tour which was excellent - such a nice & knowledgeable man who takes you underneath to the lower walkway...

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Harga TertinggiRM 6,568
Harga TerendahRM 47
Bilangan Ulasan137
Bilangan Hotel22
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 883
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 924