Egyptian pyramids, black and white desert tour.

⏰Arrive in Cairo on March 17th and check in at the Cairo Mirage City Marriott Hotel. In the afternoon, depart for the Great Pyramid of Giza, admission ticket 🎫220 Egyptian pounds per person. The Sphinx is also inside - the scenic area will be closed before 5pm. After we check in, let's have dinner at the hotel~ Chinese cuisine. The second day. Egypt Black and White Desert itinerary ⏰March 18th Day 1: Got up at 6am Egypt time, started to dress up and put on makeup haha 🪞. Chose red today, looks brighter in photos. 🚗Driver will arrive at the hotel entrance at 7:30 sharp, and then depart. The driver said (it's about 5 hours away from the destination 😂), everyone remember to have breakfast 🥣 or bring some food on the car~ On the boring car ride, you can use the photos taken at the pyramids the day before to edit and pass the time~ Really tired, took a nap in the car. 🏨Around 12:30 pm, we arrived at Starry Sky Homestay. As soon as we arrived, the staff warmly greeted us and helped us with our luggage. They even spoke Chinese! It's a homestay run by Chinese people, and the landlady is super elegant~ 🥣After finishing lunch at around 13:00, take a one-hour break and depart for the White Desert🏜️ at 14:00. All along the way is a blackened desert. 📍Black Desert: After the volcanic eruption, the lava cooled and solidified into quartz stones, covering the entire sand dune. 📍White Desert: white mushroom stones formed by wind erosion, as well as other shapes naturally sculpted in various forms. Along the way are stunning views~ Took many photos. After playing, return around 7pm to the Black and White Desert Starry Tent Hotel ⛺️. Hotel name: B&W SAHARA SKY CAMP Have dinner, rest at the hotel for a while, enjoy the special bonfire party at the hotel, eat grilled skewers, and admire the beautiful starry sky 🌃. (Hotel details will be introduced in the next article, you will definitely love it 😍) ⛺️The starry sky at night in camping homestays is really super beautiful, with countless stars and many shooting stars~
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Posted: 20 Mar 2023
Mahmoud hazim
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King success
Cairo is lovely city at night
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