Unfillable pits, endless regrets - the Pyramid of Khufu.

Pyramids can be considered as one of the must-visit places in one's lifetime. Without the technology we have today, stones weighing from several tons to tens of tons were stacked up piece by piece to form triangular pyramids, which is truly a miracle. In addition, the mummies that do not decay for thousands of years are also a fascination for people. Of course, I am no exception. The so-called Khufu Pyramid is a place where you regret for ten minutes after entering, and regret for a lifetime if you don't enter. There is a reason for it. No one can resist the curiosity of exploring the Khufu Pyramid, even if they know there is nothing inside. It's no wonder that people are eager to rush in. The narrow and steep stairs cannot stop people's curiosity. People who explore the Khufu Pyramid are not lacking in elderly people over the age of 60, babbling children, and overweight individuals weighing several hundred pounds. Without exception, everyone who enters and exits is covered in sweat, and most people are physically exhausted and leave with trembling legs. Some people even slip and fall multiple times inside. For me, if you ask whether you should go to the Pyramid of Khufu, I will answer yes! But if you ask whether I recommend it, I will tell you no. There's really not much to see inside, but if you don't go in after coming all this way, you might regret it for the rest of your life. Maybe that's why the ticket to enter the Pyramid of Khufu is more expensive than any other attraction. When entering the Pyramid scenic area, be sure to pay attention that all the people who provide services for you are aiming for tips. They will make you feel embarrassed if you don't give tips, so bring small change. You can ride camels and horses, but be prepared to pay extra fees. Personally, I believe that tips should only be given when I have received corresponding services, so generally when someone asks me for a tip in a situation where I don't think it's necessary to pay, I will pretend to be ignorant until the other person gives up asking for a tip.
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Posted: 23 Jan 2023
Mahmoud hazim
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