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⛰[Scenic Spot Guide] 📍Detailed address: 9 Pyramids Lounge 🚗Transportation Guide: There are two entrances to the park, the Lion Gate (Uber) and the Pyramid Gate (self-driving). 🕙Opening hours: 10:00-16:00 💰Ticket price: 240LE (50 yuan)/person 🌟Highlight features: Pyramid, photo-taking. 📌Small Tips: 1. Girls can bring a nice shawl, which makes it easier to take good photos. 2. Do not trust anyone in the park to check your tickets or help take photos. After my wife's plane landed, we went straight to the pyramids. For girls, a trip without many good photos is a failure. Considering the customs in Egypt, a beautiful shawl can be a great prop for photos. You might want to consider getting one. As for how to avoid pitfalls inside the pyramids, everyone can take a look at my other travelogue if they have time. They are all lessons paid for by someone's money. 😤😤😤
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Posted: 7 Feb 2023
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