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How to Have China Train Tickets Delivered

How to Have China Train Tickets Delivered

Using’s China train ticket delivery service is easy and hassle free, making your trips a breeze to organize. When buying China train tickets online, select the delivery option to have your China train tickets delivered to your door. You can have train tickets delivered to any address in a major Chinese city. You can see the list of cities When here.

Help us out by double checking your address details, so we can make sure we get your tickets to you with no issues. Upon delivery, please sign for them to confirm you’ve received your China train tickets. If we deliver your tickets after your train’s departure time, we will refund you the full amount, using the same method as your initial payment.

China Train Ticket Delivery Fees

Delivery costs per train ticket start at a very affordable CNY 40 for the first China train ticket, with every subsequent train ticket costing CNY 20. Through our delivery service, up to five tickets can be delivered.

China Train Ticket Delivery Times

In a rush? China train tickets booked before 3 p.m. will usually be delivered within 24 hours. Not in a hurry? Tickets booked after 3 p.m. will be delivered the day after. However, we recommend you book China train tickets at least 3 days in advance just to be on the safe side, especially if you are traveling by high-speed train.

Why Should You Use’s China Train Ticket Delivery Service?

Spend Less Time Queuing and More Time Sightseeing

While train travel in China can often be enjoyable, buying train tickets in China can be a time-consuming hassle. Save yourself an hour of getting elbowed in the ticket line and jump to the head of the queue with’s train ticket delivery service.

Avoid China’s Peak Season Travel Rush

Three words: Spring Festival travel. Chinese New Year, along with the October holiday and other public holidays, always causes a nationwide rush on China’s railway system, making this period the hardest time to buy train tickets. Skip the headaches and book ahead with

Plan Ahead With Our Delivery Service

Our China train ticket delivery service allows you to plan ahead. Train tickets for onward or return journeys can be purchased online and delivered to your hotel, office or home in any major Chinese city, minimizing your train ticket purchasing time and making your journey smoother.

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Jadual Stesen Kereta Api

Ulasan Kereta Api

  • Peddlers everywhere and no air conditioner in the waiting room. The condition of this station is a shame for a city like Shenzhen.

  • There are trains from Yiwu to Shenzhen West. I've been there once but It's not as well known as Luohu Station and Shenzhen North.

  • It took me a while to find the station after I got out of the taxi. It wasn't as conspicuous as other modern buildings around. Shenzhen is a green city, including the station.

  • It's lively but not messy here. Good memories for me!

  • It's in Nanshan. There are many trains but the transportation there is not very convenient.

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Tempah Tiket Kereta Api Dalam Talian Cepat & Mudah dengan

Nak menjelajahi China dengan menaiki kereta api? akan membantu anda menempah tiket kereta api China secara dalam talian dengan cepat dan mudah! Tak payah lagi beratur panjang untuk membeli tiket di stesen kereta api; kini anda boleh menyemak jadual kereta api dan membeli tiket kereta api yang murah untuk mana-mana laluan kereta api berkelajuan tinggi di China secara dalam talian melalui laman web kami dalam bahasa Inggeris, Perancis, Jerman, Indonesia, Jepun, Korea, Melayu, Rusia, Sepanyol atau Thai serta dalam bahasa Cina tradisional dan yang dipermudahkan. Pangkalan data kami disambungkan ke pusat maklumat kereta api berkelajuan tinggi rasmi China, oleh itu anda pasti akan mendapat jadual kereta api terkini dan tambang tiket rasmi untuk semua laluan kereta api di China. Tempahan tiket kereta api China adalah mudah dengan sistem tempahan dalam talian kami. Tiket kereta api berkelajuan tinggi China anda boleh dikumpul di mana-mana stesen di Tanah Besar China atau dihantar ke alamat anda di bandar-bandar terpilih di seluruh China.

Perjalanan Murah dengan Kereta Api Berkelajuan Tinggi China: Selamat, Mudah dan Selesa

Jika anda sedang mencari perjalanan yang murah di China, kereta api berkelajuan tinggi China adalah pengangkutan yang paling sesuai. Sistem kereta api berkelajuan tinggi China menghubungkan lebih daripada 300 bandar di seluruh China, termasuk Beijing, Shanghai dan Guangzhou. China mempunyai rangkaian kereta api berkelajuan tinggi terbesar di dunia dengan jarak lebih dari 16,000 km (9,940 batu). Dengan kelajuan sehingga 300 km/j (186 mph), perjalanan kereta api di China adalah pantas, mudah, murah dan selesa. Tempah tiket kereta api berkelajuan tinggi China anda sekarang! Tiket kereta api berkelajuan tinggi D dan G boleh ditempah sekurang-kurangnya 35 minit sebelum waktu berlepas dan maksimum 60 hari sebelum tarikh berlepas.

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