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The Countryman Hotel
4/523 Ulasan
Where do I start !! The room - no mirror in the bathroom so difficult for my husband to shave ! This little nit picking faded into insignificance compared to what happened later. We had x2 cups of coffee while getting ready to go out for dinner at 1930. When leaving we could not find anyone to request more coffee and milk. At 2100 after our meal at the local pub we phoned the number for the hotel to request some coffee and milk to be left for us. Thinking we weren't too late to make that call. My husband rang and was told in no uncertain terms that this would not happen as the lady owner of the hotel said ” im in bed. This is not a 24 hour service”. No apology, no suggestion of help. Back at the hotel the next morning we went down for breakfast..... longing for a coffee ! We could see that they were busy and only the male owner running around. Eventually around half an hour we gave our order. I specifically wanted a poached egg with my full english and was told that they weren't very good at poached eggs. ”It may not look good but will taste nice”. However, when the breakfast arrived it appeared I had a fried egg and subtly said ”sorry is this fried?”. He apologised and said it was his fault and hadn't told whoever was cooking. He went off to do a poached egg. Meanwhile my breakfast was getting cold so I slowly ate some. 10 minutes later the cook/lady owner brought the egg out herself to me and it still looked like a fried egg. I said this to my husband and she overheard. She immediately confronted me, asking if I knew what a poached egg was. From then on she 'lectured' me on the difference between fried and poached eggs. This attitude of hers was unforgivable and I asked if she could leave me alone so I could have my breakfast. I turned away and she came to the table accusing me wanting to know why I claimed it was not poached. This sounds petty I know, but we were eating and others were in the room. Things then escalated as when we went to pack to leave we decided we had to say something about our trea**ent from the phone call requesting coffee the evening before to being confrontational over a poached egg ! We handed the keys to the male owner and my husband said he would like to mention a couple of issues. He was very accommodating and listened but within 2 minutes the lady owner appeared from the lounge. My husband had referred to her as ”your wife” to the male as not knowing her name and didn't feel this was an offensive term. However she appeared incensed that she had been referred to as ”wife” and said ”I'm a person not a wife:. It went even further downhill from there as she would not let my husband speak and continually butted in. She became verbally aggressive when I said ”just let my husband speak” she then turned her aggression to me and became very loud. The male owner tried to calm the situation but she carried on and started attacking me verbally. I stood my ground and she shoved me and then told me to get out. I opened the do

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apakah hotel dengan Sarapan pagi yang popular di Camelford?

    Sama ada anda membuat perjalanan ke Camelford atas tujuan perniagaan atau pelancongan, The Countryman Hotel merupakan hotel pilihan.

  • Berapakan kadar purata untuk hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Camelford?

    Bagi hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Camelford, harga purata pada hari bekerja ialah RM 618, dan harga purata pada hujung minggu (Jumaat–Sabtu) ialah RM 630.

  • Apakah promosi yang tersedia untuk hotel dengan Sarapan pagi di Camelford? menyediakan pelbagai promosi dan diskaun untuk pengguna sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh semak halaman promosi untuk melihat promosi yang tersedia pada

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Bilangan Hotel23
Bilangan Ulasan69
Harga TertinggiRM 1,265
Harga TerendahRM 285
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 618
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 630