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Americas Best Value Inn Champaign
2.6/554 Ulasan

Americas Best Value Inn Champaign

Champaign|2.43km dari pusat bandar
First of all, I made reservations online with my company discount so my price was 20% off the normal price. I paid in full before i arrived. When we got there I went to the front desk to get my key card. The clerk was on the phone with her friend complaining about how horrible her day was she asked me to hold on so she could carry on this conversation with her friend. Finally when she got off the phone the woman checked my reservation and said that she was going to have to charge me more because of my kids which I included in my online reservation. I had to explain to this woman over and over that my children were already included in my reservation in the part that asks how many adults and how many children. I even put their ages. I explained that the reason my price was lower was because of my discount. Besides that I ALREADY PAID ONLINE. Anyway then she said well im going to have to charge a $60 deposit too. Now in all the hotels I've ever stayed at you only have to pay a deposit if your paying with cash. If you pay with credit then they just charge your card if there are damages. I told her that nothing was said about a deposit when I made the reservations on the website and I'VE ALREADY PAID! She started panicking saying ”she will be in so much trouble if she doesn't charge me the deposit” we went back and forth about it for a few minutes and then she said ”can you please do $40 deposit and you will get it back right away at check out so I won't get in trouble” finally I gave in and gave her my debit card. I grabbed my receipt quickly and turned to go outside to get my bags as this had already taken FOREVER. She then stops me to tell me that there will be no continental breakfast(which is one of their amenities) the soda machine is broke, the ice machine is broke and we need to giggle the handle to get the shower to work. So these are the things she tells me AFTER I've already checked in. As we go upstairs we realize that the microwave was shattered, the mini fridge did not work and we pretty much had to beg the maid for enough towels for the 5 off us to each have 1. I glanced at my receipt and saw that the clerk actually charged me $60 when she promised it would only be$40 for the deposit. The rest of the night was ok. Then we went to check out and the man on the morning shift said the $60 would be transferred back onto my debit card but that took 2 weeks! Long story short I would definitely not recommend this pace. It was a terrible experience.

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Champaign-Urbana Tenant Union

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Presby Hall

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Armory House

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University of Illinois - Department of Mathematics

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Residence Inn Champaign
3.8/544 Ulasan
Hyatt Place Champaign
4.3/5101 Ulasan
Walaupun sarapan pagi disertakan, anda tidak boleh mengharapkan apa-apa, yogurt dan burger kecil rahsia, dll. 😂 Penginapan keseluruhan lebih selesa, tiada kerja yang dilakukan!
I Hotel and Illinois Conference Center - Champaign
4.5/5108 Ulasan
Fabulous food and the staff is amazing!! Rooms are clean and spacious!
Best Western Plus Champaign/Urbana Inn
4.3/5104 Ulasan
Red Roof Inn Champaign - University
3.5/5102 Ulasan
ia adalah hotel yang sangat bagus
Holiday Inn Champaign
4.1/5104 Ulasan
푹 잘 쉬었어요 ~~ 짐 보관도 체크아웃 시간 이후에 무료로 해줍니다~ 다들 엄청 친절하셨어요! ( 그리고 일 때문에 체크아웃 시간 지난 후 체크아웃 했는데도 다 이해해주셨어요! )

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Harga TertinggiRM 3,131
Harga TerendahRM 254
Bilangan Ulasan2,054
Bilangan Hotel59
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 727
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 948