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Colmeal Countryside Hotel
4.5/539 Ulasan
Let me put my cards on the table. My wife and I are both in our 70s. She is super-fit and would return to the hotel like a shot. I have stiff hips and a back injury that limit my mobility, and I would not. I get around well enough, it’s seating and steep stairs that can be an issue. At Colmeal they were, specifically the seating. I couldn’t sit on either the low armchairs or the hard dining room chairs that are found everywhere in the hotel. The deck chairs were also beyond me, although I was fine on the stairs. (There are no elevators to the lower floor.) Só, if you have mobility issues or a herniated disc, you might want to consider whether the venue is suitable for your needs. Other thoughts, The steady Wi-Fi signal in our cottage was welcome. So we’re the multiple electric sockets (plug points) Unless the TV has been used recently, it may require setting up. You may see/hear hunters banging away in season. The (early October) swimming pool is not for the faint-hearted. (We swam very briefly.) While the nights were cool, the days were hot. The cottage air conditioning units turned themselves silently on and off. The staff were lovely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apakah hotel dengan WiFi yang popular di Freixeda do Torrão?

    Sama ada anda membuat perjalanan ke Freixeda do Torrão atas tujuan perniagaan atau pelancongan, Colmeal Countryside Hotel merupakan hotel pilihan.

  • Berapakan kadar purata untuk hotel dengan WiFi di Freixeda do Torrão?

    Bagi hotel dengan WiFi di Freixeda do Torrão, harga purata pada hari bekerja ialah RM 1,119, dan harga purata pada hujung minggu (Jumaat–Sabtu) ialah RM 1,173.

  • Apakah promosi yang tersedia untuk hotel dengan WiFi di Freixeda do Torrão? menyediakan pelbagai promosi dan diskaun untuk pengguna sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh semak halaman promosi untuk melihat promosi yang tersedia pada

Maklumat Perjalanan Setempat

Bilangan Hotel1
Bilangan Ulasan39
Harga TertinggiRM 2,023
Harga TerendahRM 516
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 1,119
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 1,173