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Licheng  donggu Hotel (Harbin Ice and Snow World)
4.7/51221 Ulasan
Jiangbei Sun Island. City Hall Area
Ruilong Hotel
3.6/524 Ulasan
Volga Manor/Harbin Eontime World
Jinjiang Inn Select (Harbin Central Avenue Pedestrian Street Airport Bus Station)
4.4/5604 Ulasan
Central Avenue.St. Sofia Church. the Songhua River
I stayed for 3 nights, it was great and I really enjoyed my stay. The location is very good! Very clean and tidy! Service is good as well! Overall is perfect! Thank you
Harbin  West Railway Station Wanda Plaza Mecure Hotel
4.8/5938 Ulasan
Haxi Wanda/West Bus Station Business Cirlce
住了6天。 1.從第一天就告訴早餐廳沙拉醬油水分離已經壞掉了,不要給顧客吃了,讓他換掉。還説沙拉醬就那樣,搖搖就好了。要是不懂可以百度一下可以問問別的賣家這樣正不正常。衹是第一天反應的時候倒掉了當時一瓶,後續幾天一直都用的壞掉的沙拉醬。 2.早上牛奶裏有黑色毛絮狀雜物,不知道是牛奶問題還是裝牛奶的罐子問題。換了一個杯子重新接一杯還是有黑色毛毛。直到新開一盒裝牛奶,倒出來就沒有黑色雜物。一早上不知道多少人喝過了帶黑色雜物的牛奶。 3.後廚的專業性需要改進,可以不懂,得找專業人士問問客人反饋的是不是屬實。衞生管控差強人意。
Zhanwang Mansion
4.7/558 Ulasan
Dragon Tower/International Exhibition Center
As a frequent traveler, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to stay at this Hotel in Harbin during my most recent trip. From the moment I arrived at the hotel(Arrived 12.30 a.m mid night).I was greeted with the warmest hospitality from the attentive staff who were more than happy to assist me with my luggage and check-in process. The lobby exuded a luxurious aura with gleaming polished marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and ornate furnishings. The room I was allocated was spacious, impeccably clean, and filled with modern amenities such as a flat-screen television, wireless internet, and a well-stocked minibar. The bed ensured that I could get some well-deserved rest after a long trip. One of the highlights of the hotel was undoubtedly its restaurants. The breakfast buffet was an incredible start to each day with an extensive selection of fresh fruits, pastries, and cooked-to-order dishes.Mainly Chinese dishes . In conclusion, my stay at the “Zhangwang Mansion”was an exceptional experience that surpassed my expectations in numerous regards. I would highly recommend this hotel to any discerning traveler seeking an unforgettable stay in luxurious surroundings in Harbin city .
Langman Xicheng Hotel
4.6/5109 Ulasan
Haxi Wanda/West Bus Station Business Cirlce
Terdapat tempat letak kereta percuma dan sikap perkhidmatan yang sangat baik. Hotel ini bersih dan bersih. Terdapat Wanda Plaza berhampiran, terdapat juga makanan ringan pasar malam berhampiran Dataran Merah. Ia bersebelahan dengan Stesen Haxi. Sangat mudah. Terdapat juga bilik mesyuarat. Sikap perkhidmatan meja depan adalah sangat baik.

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Bilangan Hotel1,029
Bilangan Ulasan332,120
Harga TertinggiRM 2,141
Harga TerendahRM 38
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 325
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 331