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Jetwing Kaduruketha
4.6/550 Ulasan
There are a lot of descriptions of how amazing the hotel is and how unique the concept of agro-luxury presented by Jetwing Kaduruketha is. And this is all more than true. Everything there is beautiful, unique and completely natural. But my review is about the people who run the hotel and work there. This is kindness, a big heart and unique humanity. I booked a stay in Kaduruket for one night and that day there was an accident and I broke my elbow. The hotel manager Hishan and Salini brought me to the hospital and stayed with me all the way until it became clear that I would be hospitalized. During the entire 7 days of my stay in the hospital, they bought food, clothes and bed linen for me, although this was not necessary (the accident was my fault). I was traveling alone, no one was with me, and if it weren’t for their support, I don’t know how I would have survived all the difficulties with the operation, etc. So when I was discharged from the hospital, due to my gratitude and complete happiness with the hotel, I stayed for 11 more wonderful nights. Thank you so much to everyone!!! in the team of Jetwing Kaduruketha, you have become real my Sri Lankan family.
Centauria Wild
4.1/547 Ulasan
Quelle magnifique expérience au Centuria Wild. L'hôtel est très beau, la chambre est spacieuse , belle piscine et comme partout au Sri lanka le personnel est au petit soin. Petit déjeuner et buffet varié et de qualité. Le plus, l'hôtel est en bordure du parc d'Udawalawe, on peut observer les animaux qui viennent boire dans le réservoir du parc. Très pratique pour aller faire un safari
Big Game - Yala By Eco Team
4.2/541 Ulasan
We experienced a wonderful stay at this charming and uncomplicated lodge. The service provided was outstanding—courteous and exceptionally friendly. Our tent was well-maintained and spotlessly clean. Surprisingly delicious meals were served, considering the camp setting. The safari guides were excellent, making our experience truly memorable. Highly recommended!
Mandara Rosen Yala, Kataragama
3.9/542 Ulasan
We went to Kataragama for the Pooja and religious observances while back. This hotel is located close to the temple, devalaya and other religious areas but not within the city limits, therefore, the guests have the freedom for a calm environment while being relatively closer to the pooja areas. The hotel staff was very knowledgeable on the process in the temple and the devalaya. On our request they introduced us to a guide to assist us in those processes, which was very helpful. Although the hotel is located in a very good location and has a good knowledge of the religious matters (which is one of the main reasons to visit Kataragama), there is a big room for improvement in some areas. The main issue was the poor service. If there were only one or two people in the hotel with poor service, it is a personal issue (issue with that particular employee), however, if majority of the staff is providing an extremely poor service, it is an issue with the management. The staff was friendly. However, we noticed that they lack the training required for hotel staff. One example is that it took them over one our since our arrival around 3.00 pm to prepare our room. Sadly this period was not a busy period either. From what we noticed one family checked out during our stay in the lobby and another was waiting to be checked in similar to us. The room's cleanliness has to improve significantly. Some of the room furniture were broken (e.g. bed, tv, one chair). Hotel did not provide WIFI (not even for a fee). Some of the power sockets in the room were not working. The toilet amenities looked to be collected from different places and brands, and we felt that one time use bottles were refilled. The buffets did not have much variety however some of the items in the buffets were good in flavor. We booked directly and I strongly recommend against it. The direct booking was over two times more expensive than the prices given here. Anyway if you are visiting Kataragama sorely for religious matters, this hotel seems like a good place.
Thuduwa Eco Resort
4.2/520 Ulasan
We had 2 deluxe double rooms booked. So far so good. On arrival it looked like they didnt know we where coming. I need to mention, we were the only 3 guest in the whole resort. Check in was a bit bumpy, but we managed. After arrival we were asked for sinner, we only had to choices. Rice and curry, or chicken rice.....there are kayaks and a pedal boats available, but they will charge u 3500rs per person for half broken down kayaks even we it never mentioend anything sbout payment. So we didn't go. We took the pedal boat and were still charged. Nice birds around tho. We saw tucans and pelicans but still with no one around they still charged us upon check out. Food was ok, better go for rice and curry. 2500rs per person😜 Breakfast is chicken on toast eith pineapple, no sauce, no water, just 3, pieces of fruit. Chsrged 1500rs We had own own ssfari booked so can't say much about their service. Upon check out they try to charge 15usd for the single occupancy even tho i booked 2 double rooms. So overall i wouldnt recommend the place, mot sure why all reviews are rhst positve. Pool was murky, **** laying around everywhere and overall i found the olace 20usd cheaper as we paid, just one day before arrival.
Hotel le Green Udawalawe
3.7/53 Ulasan

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