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Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras
4.8/554 Ulasan
For context, I stay in 5 Star hotels frequently as well as being a Spa lover. That said this hotel disappointed on many levels and I felt like I was being nickeled and dimed at every turn. Hotel The hotel looks and feels dated and tired. Bathroom had a musty smell. Furnishings are passe. Paid for lake view but was placed in a ground floor/semi-basement room such that looking out the window was even with the grass outside making it hard to see the lake. Bed was hard as a brick, pillows were totally deflated. Bed linens were nice. Valet parking is 50 Euros--and the free parking is street parking which even on a Monday was quite full, so we opted for valet. They should tell you on the web that the free parking is street parking. Dining I had no idea when I booked this hotel that the only restaurant is a quite formal one with a menu that is not straight ahead--also I found there is a business attire dress code for dinner. While this is lovey, the hotel should warn/notify guests when booking. Especially given the setting and activities guests are likely to be engaged with such as hiking for skiing. Not everyone will know to bring more dress up clothes. Also it is really expen$ive and the menu is odd. The menu did not appeal to me, soups were good but one entree, Tortellini Bolognese had lime foam on top. Really odd and many other dishes suffered from this same forced inventiveness that plagues restaurants these days. While one could get 'normal' food in the bar/lounge, there are no proper dining height tables in the lounge so you have to eat your meal on a cocktail height table. Also a burger in the bar will set you back a staggering 38 Euros which is NYC or Tokyo prices. Others have commented on the breakfast, I felt it was adequate but again many things are extra, like juice so you have to be careful. Spa The spa is truly lovely. Nice pool, various saunas and showers and a quiet room. View of the lake. Gym is nice. Although the gym was quite warm due to no A/C. There is no water station in the spa--I asked for water and it was 8.50 Euros. I have never seen a spa that did not have water accessible for free. So overall for the level of expense the hotel is a disappointment.
Hotel Lomnica
4.7/519 Ulasan

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  • Bagaimanakah cara untuk menempah hotel di

    Untuk menempah hotel di, masukkan sahaja destinasi, tarikh perjalanan dan bilangan tetamu pada halaman. Kemudian, cari hotel yang tersedia dan pilih hotel yang ingin ditempah. Ikuti gesaan untuk memasukkan maklumat pembayaran dan melengkapkan tempahan.

  • Bagaimanakah cara untuk mendapatkan tawaran hotel di

    Terdapat beberapa cara untuk mendapatkan hotel dengan harga berpatutan di Anda boleh kecilkan hasil carian dengan menapis hotel mengikut julat harga pilihan anda, atau anda boleh isih hasil carian mengikut harga untuk melihat pilihan yang paling murah dahulu.

  • Di manakah boleh saya temukan tawaran hotel di menawarkan pelbagai pilihan tawaran dan promosi hotel yang tersedia sepanjang tahun. Anda boleh cari tawaran istimewa ini dengan mudah di halaman tawaran kami. Selain itu, jika anda ahli program kesetiaan kami, anda boleh log masuk ke akaun anda dan terokai kadar diskaun eksklusif di halaman senarai hotel.

  • Bagaimanakah cara mendapat harga yang lebih murah untuk hotel?

    Kadangkala lebih murah untuk menempah hotel pada pertengahan minggu, tetapi itu bergantung pada musim.

  • Berapa banyakkah hotel yang tersenarai di

    Terdapat lebih 5,000,000 hotel di lebih 230 negara atau rantau di Belum buat keputusan hotel mana untuk ditempah? Layari laman kami untuk mendapatkan ilham!

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    Itu bergantung pada polisi hotel dan tarikh pembatalan. Sila semak bahagian polisi halaman hotel yang berkaitan. Untuk membatalkan atau mengubah tempahan anda, log masuk ke akaun anda, pergi ke "Tempahan Saya", dan ikuti arahan.

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    Anda boleh menghubungi perkhidmatan pelanggan 24/7 dengan mengunjungi Pusat Bantuan di dan menghantar permintaan. Anda juga boleh menghubungi mereka melalui telefon atau khidmat sembang, bergantung pada lokasi anda.

Maklumat Perjalanan Setempat

Bilangan Hotel7
Bilangan Ulasan86
Harga TertinggiRM 11,939
Harga TerendahRM 662
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 2,606
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 2,483