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Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai
4.7/51304 Ulasan
Kawasan Bund Utara
Bvlgari Unable to travel over the festive season, I decided to treat myself to a few days in a local hotel. What other choice was there, other than the Bvlgari? Prior to my arrival I received a call from the hotel. They confirmed my arrival time, made dinner reservations for me, added me to WeChat and offered me any other help that I required. Upon arrival I was greeted by Eva. She checked me in and immediately offered me a late check out time of 14:00. This was extended further on the final day to 16:00. Fantastic! More time to relax by the pool and in the sauna. Having checked me in, Eva gave me a tour of the property. The Bvlgari is stunning!From the stylish restoration of the Chamber of Commerce building to the sleek, modern interior of the main building. The Bvlgari is located in an excellent position by Suzhou Creek. It offers dazzling views of Lujiazui , the Huangpu River and the rear of The Bund. Perhaps one of the best views in the city. Of course, the room was magnificent. Huge TV, super comfortable bed, walk-in wardrobe and a wide selection of drinks and snacks, most of which were complimentary. I especially thought the pillow mist was a nice touch. In addition to the welcome snacks, Eva brought me a desert from their little cabin outside. A delicious Italian, vanilla donut- like desert. Good job I didn’t have lunch that day. I dined at both the Italian and Chinese restaurants. Both of which offer amazing food. The Italian presents simplistic fare with the emphasis on fresh ingredients. The vegetable broth and specialty bread is to die for. The Chinese restaurant offers high quality Cantonese food and an alternative wine selection to that in the main building. The sommelier suggested a great wine pairing for the meal and also provided a complimentary glass of champagne and a coffee liqueur before escorting back to the hotel. Le Mer products are used in the spa! Yes, this is fantastic. My therapist, Daisy, had me in the state of being between consciousness and unconsciousness many times during the course of my treatment. Just what I was looking for. The staff at the Bvlgari are excellent. Young, professional and obviously well trained, evident through their subject knowledge and warm hearted service. All the staff consistently addressed me by name and ensured that my stay was perfect. Whilst at the bar, one of the girls presumed I was asking for the bill, when actually I was asking for another drink. I left to visit the WC and returned to find a note apologizing for her misunderstanding of English accompanying a complimentary desert with my drink. That was amazing! Thank you, Elsker. It’s often the small things that make a difference. Whilst walking to my room one of the room attendants was vacuuming the carpet. She abruptly stopped and waited for me to pass. Whilst at the pool, I headed towards the jacuzzi. Some of the staff appeared to be fixing or checking something, but they swiftly disappeared as I emerged. Upon checkout, Eva was waiting for me with a gift bag containing chocolates. This was in addition to the luggage tags and toiletries that were gifted by the turn down service the previous night. Eva called me a car to take me home. Whilst I waited she filled my gift bag with sweets from the huge jars of confectionery in the lobby. As the doorman approached to let me know my car had arrived, he also presented a small gift of Bvlgari toiletry products. What an amazing experience.! Truly remarkable. I will definitely return and I’ll be adding locations in Paris, London, Bali and Milan to my list of places to visit. Thank you to the entire Bvlgari team. From those excellent customer facing members of staff to those who are behind the scenes and make things run so well. You all do a fantastic job and I wish you all the greatest success on the future. If you get a chance, visit the Bvlgari.
Elegant Hotel Shanghai Bund
4.5/54838 Ulasan
Kawasan Bund Utara
We stayed in the most expensive room in the hotel (rooftop suite with the bathtub). It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either - it's pretty worn in parts. The were strange stains all over the walls (it looked like someone had been fighting and throwing drinks at each other, or kicking a dirty football against the walls), and the bottom of the sofas and chairs pretty dirty too (most of these could be cleaned with a deep clean) and much of the furniture was worn with scuffs. It looks like the guests that stayed there recently just had their feet all over the sofas and stuff. The shower head doesn't move which would make it hard to shower if you wanted to wash your hair. Breakfast was very Chinese style but it looked good (we weren't hungry though and just grabbed a coffee). The mini bar was basic but there was lots of bottled water available. There was old water in a milk jug too, which made me feel like it hand' t been cleaned properly. We also had to give the bath a good clean ourselves before we used it as it hadn't been cleaned properly (there were some black grease marks on the bath which only build up over time of not being cleaned well). We cleaned this off ourselves before using it and gave the whole bath a good scrub with soap. I grew up with horses so I'm by no means a germaphobe, but it was grubby even by my standards. It wasn't disgusting, but not what I'd expect at this price point. The staff were mostly friendly however we acted like we didn't know Chinese to see how they acted and they were a little impolite at times (just a little, but this is kind of common in China). As an example, we asked for some champagne glasses and in Chinese one girl said to the other 'I don't know where the champagne glasses are, just give them wine glasses'. It's small, and champagne glasses did turn up in the end, but the tone was almost irritated and it felt a little rude in context. Is it rude if they think you can't understand? I don't know! We also had to request hair and toothbrushes as they weren't in the room. I feel a little petty writing it, but at 3000 RMB per night I would expect a pretty seamless, high end experience. We had a great time, but the room needs a little TLC and a good clean.
Shanghai Yiqinyuan Resort
4.6/51552 Ulasan
Pulau Chongming, Pulau Changxing, Pulau Hengsha
I love Yiqinyuan for the calm and peaceful forest, I walked by myself during the last day and if you do visit, try to do it without any gadget. Just bring your keycard. Walk through the tall trees, hear the birds, feel the sun and inhale fresh air. It is very sad that I have a non-refundable ticket that made me not enjoy the accomodation I booked. Since it was the coldest day of the year they decided to move all guests who stays in the container van rooms to their building rooms. To move In their main building I need to add more payment and we were relocated to building 5. It was also an advantage since the Foresta Cafe was there and the playroom (not so much in there but still worth the visit). However, the room we were in was so dusty, the aircon was blowing some dusty air and the carpet was so dirty. It ruined the whole trip and even of they were able to change the beddings and vacuum the carpet it was still tickling our noses. We were really looking forward to a nice Christmas trip but yeah. I booked 3 nights because we really love the place. 😭 The next day I asked again to be moved to a different room, they said they were fully booked but alas there was an available room next to us. The first room was so inconvenient because whenever we turn the lights off the WIFI also goes off. The fridge was not working well, the temperature outside was much better. The second room was better than the first room but the exhaust fan wasn't working. The breakfast was only located in the main restaurant which was 15 mins (waiting for the electric car) away from our building. It was a race to get to breakfast and the seating was not enough to be near the buffet. Time is running and you have Marathon between your table and the buffet table. Food was great though they alternate between the dates. Dinner was also good and had great service but not so much choice of small dished for a small family. Local food at it's best! La Foresta Cafe was interesting. They helped us keep our Christmas pies in their fridge. The only way to order was via the QR on the table but the catch was you have to pay right away for your order to go through which waa different from the main restaurant. So there we were waiting for our food but they didn't really get through and had to end up sitting and waiting for an hour. The next day it took 30 mins. for the food to come. The taste was good serving was big, can share. The electric cars were very prompt and the drivers were very kind and polite. The food again was really yummy! The staff were friendly too. You can buy swan/duck feed at 5rmb/2 packs at the coffee shop at the reception. They were giving away eyemask and heatpacks. The bottles water was also free. The snack at the room was cheaper than the vending machine. It is far from the town so make sure you have what you need before heading to the resort. They have hangers and iron in every room at building 5 where we stayed. Not a lot of English speaking staff so bring some Mandarin phrases or get ready with a translator APP. After a long mixed review I just wish that the resort informed us ahead that the accomodation will not be available and made an option for rebooking or ensure better accomodation it was really a hassle.
The Senz Hotel & SPA
4.8/51694 Ulasan
Kawasan Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Hongqiao
Hotel yang sangat menjimatkan, meja depan penuh dengan wanita kacak dan kacak dalam talian, perkhidmatannya juga hebat, terdapat buaian di belakang rumah, saya sangat menyukainya. Ia hanya mengambil masa sepuluh minit untuk sampai ke Lapangan Terbang Hongqiao dengan teksi, dan terdapat sebuah bandar kecil di Xiadu di sebelahnya. Anda boleh mengambil gambar semasa cuaca baik. Satu-satunya perkara ialah lukisan di dinding perlu ditukar. ***a Cina sebenarnya tidak begitu. Anak saya kata lukisan tu macam pelik sejurus masuk ke bilik... Tolong tutup juga cermin di dinding yang menjejaskan tidur. Satu-satunya titik potongan adalah di sini.
Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World
4.5/54199 Ulasan
Dataran Rakyat
Hotel Radissen akan sentiasa menjadi kenangan indah di hati saya Pada tahun 2003, saya menginap di Hotel Radissen apabila saya pergi ke Oslo untuk acara bersama rakan-rakan saya buat kali pertama pada tahun 2003. Oleh itu, secara kebetulan, ketika saya berada di Shanghai kali ini, saya menempah Hotel Radisson Blu (nama Cina) sebagai stesen terminal perjalanan saya ke Shanghai Walaupun tidak menepati pengalaman yang diharapkan, perkhidmatan keseluruhan hotel tetap dibawa saya senang hati, terima kasih banyak-banyak 🙏!
The Kunlun Jing An
4.5/54323 Ulasan
Daerah Jing'an
🚗 Pengangkutan: Dari Stesen Shanghai Hongqiao, ambil Metro Laluan 2 🚇 beberapa perhentian dan berjalan cepat sedikit dan anda akan tiba dengan mudah. Berdekatan Kuil Jing’an 🧹Kebersihan: Hotel ini bersih dalam dan luar. Perincian dilakukan dengan baik. Ini sangat memuaskan. Shanghai agak ber***a, dan selimut kadangkala terasa agak ber***a. Hanya goncang dan ia tidak akan menjejaskan tidur. 🍃Persekitaran: Persekitaran membuatkan orang ramai berasa sangat selesa, elegan dan elegan. Pada asalnya kualiti Hotel Hilton bukanlah kualiti Hotel Hilton. Dikatakan bahawa pemandangan Kuil Jing'an secara menyerong merentasi siang dan malam adalah hebat. Saya tinggal di sini. Anda boleh melihat pemandangan Kuil Jing'an. Bilik kawannya menghadap Pudongfang mempunyai pemandangan panoramik Bund 🔔Servis: Perkhidmatan adik-adik sangat baik, dan pembersihan juga sangat berhati-hati. Mereka juga meletakkan produk penjagaan kulit di bilik mandi saya dengan helaian kain persegi putih, dan ia disusun dengan kemas. Aksi ini terlalu comel
The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong
4.7/53488 Ulasan
Kawasan Lujiazui
Terima kasih atas segala yang diatur oleh hotel untuk kami. Ia bernilai membeli balik selama-lamanya. Saya sangat berterima kasih atas layanan penyayang Crane. Dari panggilan telefon dan WeChat saya, ini menunjukkan bahawa saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada ibu saya untuk penginapan satu malam. Dari bilik percuma untuk menghias kek hari jadi untuk kad ucapan, dan untuk menolong saya menaik taraf bilik, semuanya mengejutkan, dan ibu saya sangat berpuas hati. , Saya juga memuji watak gadis itu untuk kelihatan baik. Sebelum pergi, masih ada hadiah hati. Membiarkan ibu merasakan pengalaman menginap di hotel di kotanya sendiri sangat berharga, dan dia bersedia terus mendaftar masuk ke Magic City Hotel dengan saya. Sudah tentu, kami akan terus membeli semula dan mengesyorkannya kepada rakan di sekitar Liz Carlton. Dari perkakasan hingga perisian dan perkhidmatan, pengalamannya bernilai-untuk-wang. [Pandangan malam bergerak]
Holiday Inn Shanghai Nanjing Road
4.7/56459 Ulasan
Dataran Rakyat
Perkhidmatan hotel: tingkat lima bintang super, terutama wanita di meja depan mia, perkhidmatannya bersemangat, pekerjaannya serius, dan sangat sopan! Biarkan anda mempunyai hubungan intim di rumah! Kemudahan: Bintang lima, hotel ini sangat baru, bersih dan bersih, reka bentuk moden rendah dan mewah. Lokasi: Bintang lima, berjalan kaki ke People's Square, Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street 10 minit, 15 minit dari Bund, dan terdapat banyak restoran daftar masuk selebriti Internet di sekitar, hebat! Harga: Super lima bintang, hotel yang sangat menjimatkan. Sarapan pagi: hebat! Berkualiti dan murah! Panduan perjalanan hotel: Pada waktu pagi, anda boleh menaiki Metro Line 2 ke Oriental Pearl Tower 220 --- melakukan perjalanan kereta pemandu pelancong 25 dan membincangkan sejarah Shanghai --- menaiki bot di dermaga selama 2 yuan dan pelayaran Sungai Huangpu --- berjalan kembali menyeberangi sungai Pergi ke hotel untuk berehat --- berjalan kaki ke Bund pada waktu malam untuk menikmati pemandangan malam Shanghai dan mengambil gambar yang indah --- kemudian berjalan kembali ke hotel untuk berakhir perjalanan hari itu.
IFC Residence
4.6/51833 Ulasan
Kawasan Lujiazui
IFC Residence Hotel amat sesuai untuk keluarga. Lokasinya sangat baik, hanya di sebelah pusat Shanghai, beberapa ratus meter dari sungai, persekitaran perniagaan di sekitarnya kaya, dan kakitangan dan perkhidmatan hotel juga sangat baik. Bilik ini sangat besar, dan pintu masuk adalah dapur, dengan peti sejuk, periuk induksi, sinki, pembuat kopi, dan lain-lain, kecuali mesin basuh, ia sangat sesuai untuk keluarga yang mempunyai anak. Bilik-biliknya ber***a apartmen, dengan meja dan pelbagai kabinet, yang pastinya cukup .... Pengawal berganda juga sangat sesuai untuk kegunaan keluarga. Katilnya cukup besar, dan katil bujang dengan kanak-kanak sebenarnya sudah memadai. Penilaian keseluruhan adalah kepuasan! kepuasan! Tempat letak kereta di halaman juga mencukupi, tetapi masih ada di bawah tanah, dan tidak ada tempat letak kereta.
Grand Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao
4.5/51700 Ulasan
Daerah Hongqiao
Bilik-bilik hotel sangat mudah dan praktikal, dengan mesin basuh dan periuk induksi, yang sangat mudah digunakan. Anda boleh menikmati pemandangan dari balkoni kecil. Lokasinya juga sangat mudah, anda boleh melakukan perjalanan dengan kereta bawah tanah. Agak berpuas hati. Tinggal di sini lain kali anda datang.

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Maklumat Perjalanan Setempat

Bilangan Hotel291
Bilangan Ulasan590,918
Harga TertinggiRM 44,711
Harga TerendahRM 216
Harga Purata (Hujung Minggu)RM 1,640
Harga Purata (Hari Bekerja)RM 1,605